2 Knitting Projects using Grey Cashmere Yarn

Cashmere yarn from 温妃儿

I bought a few skeins of grey cashmere yarns from Taobao.com and they were fabulously soft and squishy. It took me a while to decide what to use them for. In the end, here’s what they became.

1. Featherweight Cardigan

I used the Featherweight cardigan pattern designed by Hannah Fettig. It is a very thin lightweight cardigan with 3/4 sleeves. My modification was mainly the collar. Instead of stockinette stitch or single ribbing mentioned in the design, I went with a garter stitch.

My grey cashmere cardigan 2

My grey cashmere cardigan

The armpit pick up could be a little neater but nobody is going to snoop down there, so I am not that worried.

2. Nimbus in 2-tone grey cashmere

Nimbus is a shawl designed by Lisa Mutch. I like the way the shawl grew in 6 parts and wrap around the shoulder when it is done.

My Nimbus was knitted with 2 strands of yarn to achieve the weight required. I started off with the darker grey yarn but ran out before reaching the desired length. I then used 1 light grey strand and 1 dark grey strand to continue. I didn’t think the difference would be too obvious. Unfortunately, it did.

nimbus spread out

I also wore it like a scarf on a recent trip to a cold country.


I modified the pattern slightly by omitting the extra increases at the back of the shawl to reduce the pointiness in the original design. My friends teased me that it looked like a Batman cape.

Cashmere yarn from 温妃儿
Cashmere yarn from 温妃儿