The 3-Hour Diet – How do I begin? Follow the 3 Simple Rules

After getting a grasp of why eating every 3 hours works to help me lose weight (see previous post “Why 3 Hours“, I am revving to start. And Jorge’s book promised that it’s going to be simple, actually there are only 3, Yes, 3 rules to follow. So let’s see if it’s really that “simple” … The rules are actually quite simple … It’s simple but I already stumbled at the first one:) 1. Eat Breakfast within 1 hour of rising – Never skip breakfast! See, whatever you have heard about breakfast being the most important meal of the day Continue Reading

Cycling At Changi Park Connector

Elsie joined this meetup group online known as the Singapore Adventurous & Nature-Lovers and they organize outdoor activities like hiking, biking, camping etc. They organized this cycling for beginners session meeting at Changi Village on Sunday. The plan was to rent a bike and ride to East Coast Park and back. 20km in total. Sounds doable. Elsie signed up for both of us. We were a little late but we made it. Then, I had a little problem finding a bike small enough for me. I knew I needed a bike that I could sit and still stand properly, not Continue Reading