Boutique Hotel, Singapore – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

When it comes to Boutique hotel, Singapore has it all! And if you are looking for last minute hotels, Singapore offers many more choices. Read on! What’s so “Boutique” about the hotel? Boutique hotels are typically unique properties operated by individuals or companies with a small collection. It is a popular term that describes intimate, usually luxurious or quirky hotel environments. This hotel concept began appearing in the 1980s in some major cities. But now it has spread throughout the world, including Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong in which boutique and design hotels are becoming increasingly popular. Boutique hotels distinguish Continue Reading

Singapore Postal Codes – revealing the meaning behind the codes

What’s in a number? You may ask. Well, the Singapore postal codes – a 6–digit string of numeral is the backbone of efficient postal delivery by the Singapore Post. For those of you wondering, Singapore postal codes started off life as humble 2 digits. Over the years, it has evolved to keep pace with the growing urban society, helping to enhance mail processing and delivery by the Singapore Post. Its development is in tandem with the growth and expansion of the city. Evolution of the Singapore Postal Codes Singapore postal codes were initially 2-digit codes that denoted the 28 postal Continue Reading