Looking for last minute hotels? Singapore offer some of the Best Deals

Here are some Tips on how to find last minute hotels in Singapore and more. First Stop: Hotel Review Sites Finding the best deal for a hotel is not that difficult but it does take up a bit of your time to research. But for those last minute vacations, you might want to go to websites such as TripAdvisor that already has an extensive database of reviews of hotels in Singapore. You can quickly get a sense of what are the more popular hotels (usually they are the ones with the most reviews or comments). I use TripAdvisor for planning Continue Reading

Stockholm Syndrome in Singapore :)

Just finished reading a very interesting article titled “Stockholm Syndrome and Hostage Mentality” which describes the bonding that occurs between a hostage and his or her hostage-taker as a survival mechanism. The author George Kohlrieser highlighted several cases of real-life hostage situations whereby the hostages not only bonded with their captors during the ordeal but continue to demonstrate loyalty and emotional attachment towards these people who meant them harm even after being rescued. They bond to their captors in order to survive, but once the ordeal is over, some immediately try to reassert their power and sense of self. But Continue Reading