Lyrics for Jehovah’s Blessings 耶和华祝福满满

Lyrics for 耶和华祝福满满 田中的白鹭鸶 无欠缺什么 山顶的百合花 春天现香气 总是全能的上帝每日赏赐真福气 使地上发芽结实现出爱疼的根据 耶和华祝福满满 亲像海边土沙 恩典慈爱直到万世代 我要举手敬拜他 出欢喜的歌声 赞美称颂他名永不息 I will attempt a rough translation of the lyrics: The white egret in the field have no lack The lilies on the mountaintop emit its fragrance during springtime The Almighty God send true blessings everyday Making the earth fruitful, evidence of His love Jehovah’s blessings overflows, like sands on the beach His mercy and love endures forever I raise my hands to worship Him, singing joyful songs Praising His name eternally Words 李信仪 & music 游智婷 Copyright 1997 Stream of Praise Music 看称义专辑里其他的歌曲