You Alone I Praise | New Creation Church Worship Album

You Alone I Praise is a worship album produced by New Creation Church Singapore in 2006. This is one of the first worship CD I really wanted to buy after a long hiatus. It was good. I played it constantly in my car. It was released in 2009.   This is the list of worship songs on the album. Click on each song to get the lyrics. I’m sorry I don’t have the chords nor samples of the songs. But trust me, they are good for worship. The Hero In Me Still Sing So Grateful Jesus My Everything You Deserve Continue Reading

Lyrics for Lavish

The word lavish conjures up ideas of indulgence, overflowing, abundance. An apt way to describe God’s love for us. And when we are filled to overflowing with the love of God, we can’t help but tell the world of His great love and grace. As the lyrics for Lavish says, “God’s love is like sweet perfume washes over me. When I run to Him, He comforts me and is my haven from the storm. You lavish me with love As I wait at Your feet Your love like sweet perfume It washes over me You comfort me with words When Continue Reading