Degrees and the Nature of the Literature Review by Chris Hart

Came across a table presenting the differences and functions of the literature review amongst the various degrees such a bachelor, master and PHD. It came from this book (page 15): Hart, C. (1998). Doing a Literature Review: Releasing the Social Science Research Imagination (Published in association with The Open University). London: Sage Publications. I thought it was a very helpful summation. We always mentioned literature review as a singular concept to our students but expectations of the depth and breadth of the review do differ in different programmes. More are expected from the higher degree candidates. The table is re-posted Continue Reading

Pictures of prayer

What are some pictures that we typically use for prayer? An open receiving hand? Someone kneeling at the bedside with clasped hands, closed eyes and an earnest look? I recently came across this one which I thought was so sweet. But, however sweet, this image doesn’t help build my faith that Abba God will grant me my prayers. The most common image of prayer of supplication is the open receiving hand. It is a symbol of attentiveness and of waiting. The hands is open and empty, waiting for God to fill it up. Although it is true that answered prayers Continue Reading