Lyrics and Chords for You’re My Glory

Lyrics and chords for You’re My Glory. A meditative song about Jesus being the lifter of my head. His presence is my secret place. A place to hide and gain strength. KEY: E major IntroductionD Asus AD/F# G Asus A Verse 1My [D] soul is silent and I wait[A/B] In Your [Bm7] light I see Your lovelinessI [A] lift my [D/F#] hands in [G] worshipI [A] lift my [D/F#] voice to [G] say Chorus D MajorYou’re my [Dsus] glory [D]You’re my [Asus] glory [A]You’re my [Dsus/F# – D/F#] gloryAnd the [G] lifter of my [Asus] head [A]You’re my [D/F#] glory Continue Reading