Messages by Benjamin Lim, Lawrence Lim and Mark Ng

A compilation of messages by Benjamin Lim, Lawrence Lim and Mark Ng, pastors from New Creation Church, Singapore that are available on Youtube. Good for the soul. Pastor Benjamin Lim Jesus Festival 2013 – Antioch 2 Jesus Festival 2013 – Morning Rally 2 Jesus Festival 2014 Day 1 Opening Rally Pastor Benjamin Lim – JESUS FESTIVAL 2014 DAY 2 Stream 1 Pastor Lawrence Lim Jesus Festival Manila 2016 The Battlefield at New Life The Fort The Heart of Service at New Life The Fort Pastor Mark Ng English Sermon (title and date unknown) 如何與神同行 (audio only) 如何在生命中掌權 (audio only) 足享天父厚賜的恩典 Continue Reading

Supporting open research [workshop notes]

Supporting open research is a 2-day workshop I attended regarding research data management and open data publishing. This post contains notes and hyperlinks to relevant resources. Content included: Introduction to Research Data Management (RDM) What is RDM What is open research Barriers to data sharing Engaging researchers with services Common issues Successful approaches Co-designing services Communications strategies Data selection and licensing Why should you select data for retention and publications? Which criteria inform selection? What are appropriate licences for data? Data description and repository selection Metadata for research data Deciding what to publish Selecting a repository Preserving data which can’t Continue Reading