Lyrics for 无言花 – A Contemporary Hokkien Song?

Album cover for Love Moments

无言花 is a song in Jam Hsiao’s new album Love Moments. I mentioned this album when I was talking about this song: 如果没有你 which also appeared in the album.

无言花 is a Hokkien song originally sang by 江蕙 (Jiang Hui), a very popular Taiwanese Hokkien singer. It means, literally, speechless flower. I was attracted to the music first. There is something about it that makes you sit up and listen to it.

I am not very familiar with Taiwan’s version of Hokkien but I could make out the meaning somewhat from the lyrics. I think it is fairly poetic, unlike the street-level hokkien I grew up with.

Lyrics are added here. It is written in Chinese characters but it would not make much sense if it was read in Mandarin. For example, 无知东时天才会光 means 不知何时天才会亮 in Mandarin and when will dawn break? in English.


惦惦来开 惦惦水

English meaning

Cold winds and rain are my company tonight.
And my lonely shadow cast by the streetlight.
Loneliness wells up.
When will dawn breaks?
We had so little chance.
I missed you since we parted.
Like a speechless flower,
always opening and always beautiful.
The night is filled with its fragrance,
Did you hear the flower falls to the ground? Whose heart is breaking? 
Did you hear the flower falls to the ground? Whose heart is breaking? 

The Original

I always thought Hokkien songs are tacky and therefore wondered how the original 无言花 sounded like. Watch the Karaoke version by 江蕙: 

Ms Jiang’s style of singing retains the melodrama prevalent with many Hokkien singers and songs. Frankly, it affected my enjoyment of the song. My apologies to fans of 江蕙. I prefer Jam’s treatment. I think he modernized the song.


I discovered a couple of covers which are quite enjoyable.

1. Hebe of SHE

2. 蕭煌奇

3. 杜力

I still like Jam’s rendition after listening to all the covers. It is more contemporary and modern.