Watch A Study in Scarlet Movie Free – 4 Different Film Adaptations

a study in scarlet movie
80 / 100

The A Study in Scarlet movie playlist contains two films with one animation and one stage play.

This playlist is much shorter than the Hound of the Baskervilles movie playlist. There are not as many productions of A Study in Scarlet as there are for The Hound of the Baskerville. I guess the story about a religious group is not as popular as a murderous glowing dog.

1933 – A Study in Scarlet

Reginald Owen plays Sherlock Holmes. This film has very few similarities with the original plot. In the original novel, Sherlock Holmes established his prowess as a consulting detective by capturing the murderer Jefferson Hope in record time. In this film, Sherlock Holmes behaved a lot more normal although still clever.

1968 – A Study in Scarlet

Peter Cushing plays Sherlock Holmes in this adaptation. This television film version is closer to the original novel.

A Study in Scarlet Movie Animation

The quality of the animation is not too good but I am quite happy to have found it.

A Study in Scarlet Stage Play

It is interesting to see how a novel gets translated into a stage play. The production used very few props leaving more to the audience’s imagination.

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