About The Filing Cabinet

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Hi there, my name is Phoebe and I work in a library in Singapore. Welcome to my personal blog which acts like my filing cabinet.

Library card catalog

A friend once commented that I seem to know a lot of things, like an encyclopedia. I don’t know if I necessarily agree with her description because an encyclopedia is supposed to be an authoritative source of information.

I think my brain is more like a filing cabinet storing all sorts of seemingly useless information in its recesses and quietly waiting.

Waiting for its users to come along and fish the information out. (This metaphor reminds me of the filing room used by Stephen King in Dreamcatchers to represent one of the protagonists’ mind.)

I wanted to extend this filing function to the blogosphere. Hopefully, the search function of a blog is more dependable than moments of chit-chat and gossip to remember useful information.

A blog is also a great tool to “file” multimedia information like songs and videos that matter to me. I want to store music that touches my soul and videos that make me laugh.

Yes, the Internet is an ephemeral medium but for as long as I can keep them, I shall be contented. Moreover, I still have my brain. It is still working and filing even without this blog.

I started this with blogspot.com and then moved to wordpress.com and now, I am hosting it on my own using wordpress.org. A big step into the unknown for me. However, self-hosting offers a lot more control than free blogging services. It was a natural step forward as my knowledge of the Internet and social media tools grow.

This is also a professional development project for me. I am a firm believer in contextual learning. I learnt more about the Internet, blogging and social media with this blogging project then if I have only read it up in theory. It takes a lot of time but I think it is worth it and more fun.

Finally, this blog displays some advertising banners and affiliate links. It makes me modest money to keep the blog going.

To end,

An influential librarian Mr Ranganathan once said that “every book its user”. In the same way, my wish for this blog is that all those seemingly useless information that I “file” away may one day find their users. If my wish has come true, do let me know. (^_^)

My current life revolves around Jesus’ walk with me, my knitting, my work as a librarian, my life in Singapore, and food in general.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you find what you are looking for.

Love, Phoebe