Agatha Christie Nemesis: Original and Adaptations

78 / 100

Agatha Christie Nemesis is one of my favourite Christie’s story. 

I read for entertainment and have always enjoyed an Agatha Christie’s detective novel. Christie is a prolific writer and she developed several “detectives” for her stories. The most famous, of course, is Hercules Poirot but there are many others.

Nemesis stars Miss Jane Marple, a total opposite of Poirot. Where Hercules Poirot is flamboyant, Jane Marple is down-to-earth. Where Poirot is a foreigner, Marple is very English and very old. Just because someone is old doesn’t mean that they can’t think clearly, deduct logically, and solve crimes.

Nemesis began with an obituary and a cryptic letter to Marple to solve a crime without any information. Nemesis is the goddess of vengeance in Greek mythology. It was the name Mr Rafiel gave to Marple when they met in “A Caribbean Mystery”.

This was a light and easy read. Nothing too heavy and pretentious. A good engaging plot and simple direct writing.

Where to find a copy of Agatha Christie Nemesis

  1. Print copy at your nearest public libraries
  2. Audio at your nearest libraries
  3. Buy print at Amazon
  4. Buy print at iBooks

Film Adaptations of Agatha Christie Nemesis

Agatha Christie’s works have been adapted into various formats. There were stage plays, TV dramatization, and audiobooks. There was two British TV dramatization. One in 1987 with Joan Hickson as Marple and one in 2007 with Geraldine McEwan as Marple.

Film adaption is a funny thing. Of course, I understand that creative licence is needed when a work of art is transformed from one medium to another. But, to what extent? Why do I say this?

The Joan Hickson’s version was faithful to the original plot and was thoroughly enjoyable.

Geraldine McEwan‘s version can only be considered loosely based. The plot is different.  The characters, the victims and the murderers are all different. Only a few characters were retained. 

I enjoyed watching this episode, especially with the dashing Richard Grant as Raymond West, Marple’s nephew.

It just isn’t Agatha Christie’s plot. I do believe that if one is going to use the book’s name, faithfulness to the plot is part of the deal. 

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