Looking for a Baby Mittens Knitting Pattern? Here are 6 Easy and Quick Ones

baby mittens knitting pattern
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Use a baby mittens knitting pattern here to learn knit stitches, rib stitches, i-cord, simple colourwork and intarsia.

Baby mittens are more advanced projects than baby bibs or headbands. Nonetheless, they are great yarn busters.

They can be knitted from top-down or from cuff down but almost always knitted in the round.  So, it is also a good way to learn knitting in the round. I have tried knitting in the round using double-pointed needles and I am not a fan. I prefer the magic loop technique with one long circular needle or using 2 long circular needles.

By using 2 long circular needles, I can also knit both mittens at the same time. Knitting 2 mittens at the same time rather than one at a time mean that I will make 2 identical mittens and finish them at the same time.

The shape of the mittens is quite straightforward, there isn’t much one can vary. The type of yarn one can use is also limited. So, the only creativity one can exercise is with colour.

The collection here reflects that.

1. Infant mittens knitting pattern

Purlsoho infant mittens
Image source: purlsoho.com

Purlsoho always offers really good patterns and knitting ideas. These infant mittens are attached together with i-cord so that they don’t lose each other. 2 rows of colours against a background of white make up the basic and understated look. The colour is then repeated at the bind-off row. A simple way to create a look. I like.

Free pattern at Infant Mittens

2. Baby mittens with Marius pattern

Baby mittens with Marius
Image source: Meng-Chieh Yang at Ravelry

This Marius mitten’s colourwork is inspired by the Norwegian Marius sweater. The sweater was designed by Unn Søiland, a Norwegian knitwear designer and made famous by an actor called Marius Eriksen. Even though I admire fair isle or intarsia projects, I can’t imagine doing one on a big project like a sweater. The Marius mitten is an ideal project to try out a Norwegian colourwork on a small scale.

Pattern: Baby Mittens with Marius Pattern

3. Baby Mitts in 3 colours by Susan B. Anderson

Mittens in 3 colours
Image source: Susan B Anderson at spudchloe.com

Make 3 different mittens with the same 3 colours. This will certainly cut the boredom. It is fascinating how different the same mittens can look in different colours, blocks of colours and colour stripes.

Pattern: Mittens in 3 Colours

4. Garter Stitch Ridge Baby Mittens Knitting Pattern

Garter Stitch Ridge Mittens
Image source: Marianna at https://mariannaslazydaisydays.blogspot.sg

All the patterns before this one all use stockinette stitch with colourwork. This one uses a few purl rows to create a wide garter. Knitting garter stitch flat and in the round is different and this small project is ideal for appreciating and understanding the difference.

Pattern: Garter Stitch Ridge Baby Mittens

Baby Mittens Knitting Pattern Video Tutorials

Baby knits are such quick projects with simple straightforward instructions. Here are some baby mittens patterns in audiovisual format.

5. Newborn to 3-month Knitted Mittens Knitting Pattern

6. No Scratches Baby Mittens Knitting Pattern

There is no sound for this video. Written instructions are displayed at the top of the video.

Happy Knitting!

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Happy Knitting!

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