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My Running Route at Bedok Reservoir Park

Bedok Reservoir Park has its unique charms and offers ample space for the joggers and the more adventurous types.

Bedok Reservoir Park has its unique charms and offers ample space for joggers and the more adventurous types.

bedok reservoir park

I like this place because I can finish running one full round of the reservoir comfortably, maybe 45 minutes or even 30 minutes if I run fast, and take in the greenery along the way!

Sometimes I can even catch fleeting birds and the occasional fish bobbing out of the waters while catching my breath.

And the area is not too densely populated yet.

Starting at Temasek Polytechnic

On the other side of the Bedok Reservoir Park lies Temasek Polytechnic which incidentally offers free parking 🙂 I usually park there and start jogging from the campus because this stretch offers maximum shade and is also the farthest away from the traffic.

The Polytechnic is really well landscaped with water fountains and ample greenery. I find it very soothing to walk through the campus in the evening. Just be sure to come back through the gates before 7.30pm if you park there.

I was stranded once outside the gate as I didn’t realized they were closed after 7.30pm. Don’t ask me what I did to get in … the security won’t be happy 🙂

Right outside the Polytechnic is a new adventure and obstacle course set up by a French lady who has been a permanent resident for several years. She was featured on one of Channel 8’s program about people and places in Singapore.

Tight ropes, steps and cables are all suspended a few meters above. I think participants have to balance themselves on the tight ropes and navigate obstacles. Of course the finale is the most fun – the flying fox that brings you zipping across the waters, landing safely on a soft patch of sand. I have seen many a happy faces when the feet hit the landing spot. What a sense of achievement – as gratifying as when I finish my jog.

It becomes a little bit more noisy as you move towards the stretch of the reservoir facing the flats and condominiums. The road is just parallel to you; but it is not as bad since the path is elevated.

That reminds me of another reservoir that I used to go quite often – the Pandan Reservoir. But that will be another blog post 🙂

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