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How To Change A Tire Alone in Singapore?

Do you know how to change a tire? In Singapore?

Do you know how to change a tire? In Singapore?

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The discussion over the radiowaves this morning was about driving training and testing in Singapore. Apparently, the parking segment of the practical driving test is going to be modified.

The guiding posts are going to be removed altogether. This means that candidates must be able to park into their designated lot without the visual aids.

Most callers to the programme responded that this is a good move. There are no poles in actual car parks. How are candidates who were taught to use the poles as a guide during practice rounds and tests going to manage in a real carpark?

I agree. A few of my friends who had received their driving licences do not want to drive because they KNOW they will not be able to park the car.

The general consensus was that driving practice and test should mirror real-life situations.

At this point, one of the DJs muses why “How to change a tire” isn’t in the curriculum. The other DJ commented that it should be quite simple. Just jack up the car, unscrew the nuts and remove the tire.

Sounds quite right to me.

The response from listeners to this piece of information was swift.


So what’s the right way?

Change a tire like a lady

Want a more detailed, text-based instructions with photos? Here’s how a Singaporean lady changed a tyre.

The only thing the sporty lady didn’t mention is putting the hazard lights on and placing the triangle a safe distance behind the car.

I think it is crucial. If you are changing a tire on an open road or the expressway, the triangle signals to other drivers that there is someone standing, squatting or sitting next to the car. In case they come too close and run you over. 😛

Call For Help

After all that has been said, I would probably call the Automobile Association of Singapore’s 24-hour Roadside Assistance Services to come and change the tire or toll the car. It is free for AA members and includes the following services:

  1. Vehicle jumpstart/ restart
  2. Flat tyre change (replace with your spare tyre)
  3. Battery replacement*
  4. Petrol top-up*
  5. Towing

Now I know how to change a tire or at least who to call if I need a tire changed. 🙂

Spark Car Care offers a range of service including 24-hour vehicle recovery service. I have used the service before and I find the people over the phone responsive and caring.

79 / 100

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