little nonya

Little Nonya Theme Song: 如燕

Near the end of 2008, Singapore Channel 8 broadcasted The Little Nonya (小娘惹), a period drama about the Peranakans and its theme song 如燕.

今生注定 A Chinese Love Song

今生注定 is a mandarin song that was very popular in 1994. It was a duet by the pretty 王馨平 and macho 高明骏. They were the perfect duo for this song.

Album Cover for 同学会

Lyrics for 我的朋友我的同学我最爱的一切

Lyrics for 我的朋友我的同学我最爱的一切。 郑展伦 has a new album or should it be called an extended play because there are only 6 songs in it. It is called 同学会 (translated roughly class gathering).

Lyrics for 寂寞还是你

Lyrics for 寂寞还是你. 往前走下去 细雨落满地我还在迟疑 如何能够开心思念堆成积 活在无助里我怎么能继续让我醉倒不醒

Lyrics for 给.爱人

Lyrics for 给.爱人. I’m envious of people who can pen lyrics so well. They capture fleeting feelings with only a few words.