Love Magnificent

Lyrics and Chords for Love Magnificent | New Creation Worship Song

Lyrics and chords for Love Magnificent. This original composition is inspired by the teaching of Joseph Prince and these 2 bible verses: Ephesians 3:18 and Romans 8:37-39. It was presented at the New Creation Church Christmas Celebration 2015. The lyrics and video are embedded below….

Lift Up Your Hands and Praise

Lyrics and Chords for Here

Lyrics and chords for Here, a song about being present where the Lord is. Here, in the place of worship, I lift up my hands and abandon my cares and worries by casting them to Him. KEY: G major Introduction Gadd9 Em7 C G/B Am7…

Jesus' tomb

Lyrics and Chords for You’re My Glory

Lyrics and chords for You’re My Glory. A meditative song about Jesus being the lifter of my head. His presence is my secret place. A place to hide and gain strength. KEY: E major IntroductionD Asus AD/F# G Asus A Verse 1My [D] soul is…

Wave after wave

Lyrics and chords for Grace Unrelenting

Lyrics and chords for Grace Unrelenting. A praise song to the ever faithful Jesus. Love Everlasting. Grace Unrelenting. Overwhelming me with Your tender mercies. Ever faithful Lord Who calms the storm In my heart and soul Through the wind and waves You are there reaching…

Crown of Thorns

Lyrics and Chords for Until The End

Lyrics and Chords for Until The End. A worship song about Jesus my Righteousness, Lord, God and King until the end. Not because I am faithful but He is faithful, wearing the crown of thorns until the end.   KEY: B major Introduction E F#…

Blessed sugar packet

Lyrics for Freely Forgiven | New Creation Worship

This is the lyrics and chords for Freely Forgiven. This is an extremely catchy song, yet full of grace-filled truths. I first heard Freely Forgiven at a training session for Rock Kidz servers. Everyone was jumping up and down when we were singing this song….


Lyrics and Chords for Every Day Of My Life

Lyrics and chords for Every Day Of My Life. A praise song about God’s goodness and mercy following me, everywhere every time, every day of my life. Lyrics Verse 1Your love and mercygo after me in every wayYour love hunts me downYour favour on meis…

The cross

Lyrics for So You Would Come 等你和應的歌词

Lyrics for So You Would Come. 等你和應的歌词。Jesus came because He was the only acceptable sacrifice. One for all. Once and for all. It was not murder, Jesus came knowing that He will die for us.