Lyrics for Unending Love 无限的爱

This song is sang in Hokkien which is why if you try to read the lyrics in mandarin, it is going to sound a little weird. But it is a very simple worship song of the Lord’s presence in our lives. 主 您是我的生命 风雨同心一起走 梦中有您跟我来作伴 脚步有您的引导 感谢您对我的爱 给我机会对头来 天顶白云伴我跑天涯 天使永远跟我同在 我要大声唱给人知 耶和华有无限的爱 世间的人全来敬拜 耶和华是完全的爱 Words & music: 林和成 看称义专辑里其他的歌曲

Lyrics for Your Blood

It is only after sitting under Joseph Prince’s ministry that I realized how Jesus’ blood is important for my salvation. Listen to and buy the song Lyrics for Your Blood Your blood Has cleansed me from all my sins Taken me into Your presence In You I find my rest And now I dwell in Your secret place Forever I’m young in Your glory Beneath Your mighty wings Lord I thank You For Your sacrifice Yes Lord I thank You You’re the giver of my life O Lord I praise You I honour You Lord I love You My exceeding Continue Reading

Lyrics for Heir Of The World

I’m heir of the world because Jesus is the heir of the world. In this world of more than 6 billion people, I sometimes feel very small and insignificant. It is therapeutic to know that God loves me. I am the apple of his eye. Listen to and buy the song Lyrics for Heir of the World Jesus I come In Your precious name Washed by Your blood Forgiven of sin Jesus I rest In Your finished work Grace I’ve received Not worked for, unearned I’m held in Your arms Kissed by Your love Your favour on me descends As Continue Reading

Lyrics for You Deserve All Praise

You Deserve All Praise is a wonderful praise song. Jesus deserves all praise and if we do not praise, the rocks will cry out instead. That’s how compelling his goodness is. 🙂 Listen to and buy the song Great and mighty, awesome are YouRighteous and true, You’re our praiseGlorious Jesus, Ancient of DaysCreation applauds Your grace Holy, holy angels they singNations will crown You as KingSongs of victory, come let us raiseOr rocks will cry out instead We give thanks to YouSay that You are goodYour mercy knows no endWe shout out Your praiseTo the end of daysYour love endures Continue Reading