Cycling At Changi Park Connector

Elsie joined this meetup group online known as the Singapore Adventurous & Nature-Lovers and they organize outdoor activities like hiking, biking, camping etc. They organized this cycling for beginners session meeting at Changi Village on Sunday. The plan was to rent a bike and ride to East Coast Park and back. 20km in total.

Sounds doable. Elsie signed up for both of us.

We were a little late but we made it. Then, I had a little problem finding a bike small enough for me. I knew I needed a bike that I could sit and still stand properly, not on tip-toe.The bike shop owner was quite resourceful and managed to secure the bike for me. I’m usually not so insistent about things but on hindsight, it was wise. There were stretches that were quite tricky.

The start was slightly shaky for me. One of the guys called it problem with low speed balance. But by mid-way, I am enjoying myself. The scenery was good and I caught a few planes taking off and landing at the runway.

Changi beach was also quite nice. There are not many people and traffic there so the ride was more enjoyable. The East Coast stretch wasn’t so nice as there are many people, more bikers and more skaters.

We stopped at the hawker centre for some refreshments before heading back.

Eating After Cycling
Elsie and I munching away after our cycling session

The return journey seems shorter. Jason said it is because I know where I am ending up. I ended being one of the last to come back. But that’s okay.

Oh and it was 34 km. 😛