The 3-Hour Diet – How Much Should I Eat?

How Much Should I Eat? Well, Jorge Cruise employs a 3-Day Diet Plate Visualization Technique in his book The 3-Hour Diet. He suggests starting with a 9-inch dinner plate. Then visualize having half potion of vegetables, the other half about equally divided into carbohydrate (another visualization trick is to think of it as a rubric cube) and protein (a deck of cards) and one cap of fat. A simple breakdown of the meals: The main meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner = 400 calories (sub total of 1200 calories) Snack = 100 calories (morning/afternoon snack with a subtotal of 200 Continue Reading

The 3-Hour Diet – How do I begin? Follow the 3 Simple Rules

After getting a grasp of why eating every 3 hours works to help me lose weight (see previous post “Why 3 Hours“, I am revving to start. And Jorge’s book promised that it’s going to be simple, actually there are only 3, Yes, 3 rules to follow. So let’s see if it’s really that “simple” … The rules are actually quite simple … It’s simple but I already stumbled at the first one:) 1. Eat Breakfast within 1 hour of rising – Never skip breakfast! See, whatever you have heard about breakfast being the most important meal of the day Continue Reading

The 3-Hour Diet – Why 3 Hours? Can’t I Eat Whenever I Feel Hungry?

What is new about Jorge Cruise’s 3-Hour Diet program is that it’s focused on the WHEN of eating. Why 3 Hours? Jorge Cruise explains that 3 is the magic hour. I have to struggle with that a little as I am usually feeling the hunger pangs after 2 hours. I am feeling hungry now as I am writing this; and it’s only 2 hours after my lunch at 12.30pm. I am only supposed to be having a snack at 3.30pm, according to Jorge’s plan. Maybe I should up my intake for lunch. Why Does It Work? By eating every 3 Continue Reading

The 3-Hour Diet – So is this another one of those FAD diets?

SO IS THIS ANOTHER FAD DIET? It may very well be, but this book seemed to COLLABORATE what my body has been telling me all along! It actually says that you should be eating every 3 hours, and this will Boost your metabolic rate, Stop hunger, and start Losing Weight just by eating every 3 hours. But best of all, at least for me, it will start with losing your BELLY FAT first! Now that is something most women can only dream of, where the lower body (waist, hips, tummy) tend to be the problem areas for us girls. You Continue Reading

The 3-Hour Diet – Eat to Lose Weight. Does it really work?

I was very intrigued by the title of a book by Jorge Cruise – who just like many Americans who wrote such fitness and weight-loss manuals, used to be over-weight but has now come to possess a much envied well-sculpted body after discovering this secret method of weight-loss. So what’s the intriguing title you may ask? Well, it’s called The 3-hour Diet with the tempting sub-headline promising that you can “Lose up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks by Eating Every 3 Hours!”. You Eat to Lose Weight by following some simple rules. But before we delve into the Continue Reading