Eventful evening at Choa Chu Kang Park Connector – collision between cyclist and rollerblader

It’s started off as a leisure evening stroll along pangsua park connector (in Choa Chu Kang vicinity) on a Sat evening. I was making my way back home when the accident occurred. Actually I didnt notice the accident as I was too preoccupied with listening to the music on my iPhone.

An elderly man on a bicycle gestured to me that something has happened behind me. I turned back and saw a guy lying in the middle of the pathway amidst a pile of fallen bicycles. It must have been a collision and a man was down, so I ran back towards him. He was lying quite still but seemed relatively unscathed, and 2 of his friends were there to help him. As I looked up and further ahead, I realized someone else was lying face down on the grass patch. There was another casualty in this collision, a rollerblader who was definitely in worse shape than the cyclist. I went up to check on him. He was bleeding badly, with the grass around him all covered in blood. Blood was oozing out from his nose and left side of his face; left eye was swollen and he was drifting in and out of consicousness. I tried calling to him, asking if he was okay, but he didnt respond.

I quickly dialed 995 and called for an ambulance – I think he was badly banged up, and could be suffering from a concussion.

Some kind passers by stopped and offered him some water, but I wasnt sure if it was safe to feed him any liquid as I didnt want him to choke or block his airway (at least based on my limited first aid knowledge culled from TV shows).

Then the guy suddenly sat up – just sprung up which gave me a shock – he appeared to be unaware of his situation, asking me if I saw his glasses. I asked him to lie back down again, telling him the ambulance should be arriving soon. That’s when I saw he was badly bruised, and his nose was probably broken.

While waiting, he appeared to be better, and stood up, saying he wanted to go home. I tried to persuade him to sit down, explaining that he was still bleeding and it looked serious. I think it finally sank in for him and he sat down, and asked me to call his mum. I did, and explained to her in as calm a voice as possible, that her son was injured in a collision. She sounded anxious, and wanted to come down but was not sure where the park connector was. It was not accessible by car as we were quite far from the nearest road which was Stagmont road.

But thank goodness, the ambulance arrived just then, and the paramedics took over. They checked him and realized he has cuts on the back of the head, face and a broken nose. He needed to be transported to the hospital immediately. I told them he was unconscious for a short while after the accident, which could point to something more serious.

Anyway, he was finally in good hands and I can be on my way home. Phew!

A few observations I made from this accident that may help others avoid serious injuries:

  1. He was not wearing a helmet, neither him nor the cyclist wore safety gear. So head and neck injuries are very likely when you get thrown off track like in this case.
  2. He was wearing these huge ear phones with loud music blaring – you ain’t going to hear anything around you, unaware of who or what else could be whizzing past you or coming at you.
  3. I heard from the 2 friends of the cyclist that they were going at high speed, again, speeding can kill is applicable at the park connector as on the road, people!

But it’s almost impossible to prevent cyclist, people, rollerbladers knocking into you from behind… which I believe is the case in this accident.

I sure hope he is okay … and now I would always carry my mobile phone with me – it’s one of the rare times that I did (usually I only carry my ipod) and it sure came in handy! 🙂