Exercising in High Heels – New way to tone your calves and look sexy!

Well, I was watching E! entertainment recently and there was an interview with a Dancing with the Stars celebrity.

And her secret to toned legs and calves is to do squats with her high heels on!And mind you, its not the 1and-half inch pumps, it’s the 3-inch stiletto killer heels we are talking about.

What she does is to wear the heels while doing the lateral squats and it also helps tones the calves as the legs are then elevated. I thought I would share this here with you gals.

That struck me as quite smart. I would never have associated high heels with working out. To me, heels are a big no no, they are especially bad for the spine as it tilts the body forward and place unnecessary stress on the lower body.

I am particularly ‘allergic” to high heels as I suffer from bunions and I find it really tiring for my feet if I wear anything too high. My preference – mary janes and pumps.

But if you are just standing still and doing squats, heels actually does more good than harm. It does give you a good workout. So now I know what to do with those impulse buys from Charles and Keith or Vinci!

Bring them to the gym and work them out 🙂