Pictures of prayer

What are some pictures that we typically use for prayer? An open receiving hand? Someone kneeling at the bedside with clasped hands, closed eyes and an earnest look? I recently came across this one which I thought was so sweet. But, however sweet, this image doesn’t help build my faith that Abba God will grant me my prayers. The most common image of prayer of supplication is the open receiving hand. It is a symbol of attentiveness and of waiting. The hands is open and empty, waiting for God to fill it up. Although it is true that answered prayers Continue Reading

Justified in Mandarin and Hokkien | New Creation Church Worship Album

称義 Justified is the first worship album by New Creation Church in Hokkien and Mandarin. It is 2-disc album. One disc features Mandarin songs, the other disc Hokkien songs.   专辑内侧的说明: 義 这个繁体字其实是由两个字 — “羊” 和 “我” 所组成的。当“我” 把 “羊” 给穿上时,就成了“義”。 对于基督徒来说,这只羊所指的就是耶稣基督 — 上帝的羔羊。 当我们穿上基督这只羔羊时, 我们就得以称義。 而这张专辑就是为了庆祝这个真理而录制的。 马克牧师说: 在我们还是罪人的时候,耶稣已经为了我们被钉死。 因他在十架上的赎罪完工和他的复活,上帝得以名正言顺地称我们为义。事实上,上帝赐予我们如此公义的身份,我们如今只管坦然无惧地来到他的面前,呼叫他 “阿爸,父”!而我们所需要的只是相信。随着我们被称义,平安与福气来到了我们的生命中。今天,让这些歌曲触动您的心,告诉您什么是完全的公义! Track Listing Click the track titles for the lyrics. Hokkien disc 爱何等奇妙 Love So Amazing 耶和华祝福满满 Jehovah’s Blessings 主爱拯救了我 Love Rescued Me 称義 Justified 无限的爱 Unending Love 因祢慈爱比生命更好 Your Lovingkindness Is Better Than Life 祢是我力量 You Are My Strength 耶稣知我心 Jesus Knows My Heart 我的心你要称颂耶和华 Bless The Lord O Continue Reading

Lyrics for Rejoice O Israel

Lyrics for Rejoice O Israel. A song of prayer for Israel, Jerusalem and God’s people. I behold a city on a hill A nation torn by war But in that place Adonai says His grace has been poured forth I behold a people Who are waiting for their Lord For He will come with trumpets sound As nations watched in awe Shalom Jerusalem Messiah will come He wiped away your tears and pains Rejoice Daughter of Zion Shalom Jerusalem He’s deep within your walls Yeshua will return to reign In majesty and power I behold a people Who are Continue Reading

Lyrics for The One Thing

This is the lyrics for The One Thing. Words & music by Karen Lim, Trevor Fong, Angela Ng ©2006 New Creation Church, Singapore. It is inspired by the following bible verse. But the Lord answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art anxious and troubled about many things: but one thing is needful: for Mary hath chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her. – Luke 10:37-42 Lord I’m here, to sit at Your feet To behold Your beauty Speak Your Word, Your voice I will heed Let Your presence wash over me It’s the Continue Reading

Lyrics for In You I Live

Lyrics for In You I Live. I will sing for all my days Of Your goodness and Your grace And the wonders of Your love for me I will declare Your glory Lord That You died and rose again Now in You I stand justified And all of my hope is in You Lord In the saving power of Your blood You’re my righteousness, My deliverer I am free and alive ‘cos You live in me I will shout my praise unto You my King You’re my Jesus, in You I live Words & music by Sean Goh Copyright Continue Reading

Jesus, Anchor of My Soul

The sure promises of 2011 is an anchor of the soul. Hebrews 6: 13-20 13 For when God made the promise to Abraham, since He could swear by no one greater, He swore by Himself, 14 saying, “I WILL SURELY BLESS YOU AND I WILL SURELY MULTIPLY YOU.” 15 And so, having patiently waited, he obtained the promise. 16 For men swear by one greater than themselves, and with them an oath given as confirmation is an end of every dispute. 17 In the same way God, desiring even more to show to the heirs of the promise the unchangeableness Continue Reading

Dwell on these things – true, honourable, right, pure, lovely, of good repute, excellence, worthy of praise

I woke up this morning with this thought in my head – what has been going into my mind lately? Lord Jesus reminded me of this verse in Philippians 4. Philippians 4:8-9 Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, *dwell on these things. *dwell on these things The mind is a powerful thing. It affects your feelings, moods and behaviour. Heard of the phrase “garbage in garbage out”? It works on the mind too. Continue Reading

Miracle seed and lasting fragrance for Jesus

Last week, Pastor Prince revealed that this sunday 22 August is going to be Miracle Seed Sunday. Miracle Seed Sunday is an annual sowing event that our church started when we decided to embark on the One-North building project. It was fundraising for the church but it was sowing for me. I am trusting Father God to grow the seeds I sown into a jaw-dropping harvest for me. My first Miracle Seed Sunday was in 2008 and it was a very exciting day. I gave a one-time sum that I considered small but was all I could muster because I Continue Reading

Lyrics for Bless The Lord O My Soul 我的心你要称颂耶和华

This is the lyrics for 我的心你要称颂耶和华 Bless the Lord O My Soul Mandarin version 我的心你要称颂 耶和华 我的心你要称颂主 我的心不可忘记他的恩惠 我的心哪 赞美主 耶和华有怜悯有恩典 耶和华不轻易发怒 耶和华有丰盛的慈爱 我的罪他已宽恕 我的口你要称颂耶和华 我的口你要称颂主 我的口你要叙述他的恩惠 我的口哪 赞美主 Hokkien version 我的心你要称颂耶和华 我的心你要称颂主 我的心不可忘记他的恩惠 我的心哪 赞美主 耶和华有怜悯有恩典 耶和华不轻易发怒 耶和华有丰盛的慈爱 我的罪他已赦免 我的口你要称颂耶和华 我的口你要称颂主 我的口你要讲诉他的恩惠 我的口哪 赞美主 This song is actually inspired by Psalm 103 and can be loosely translated like this: Bless the Lord O my Soul Bless the Lord O my Soul Forget none of His benefits O my Soul Praise the Lord O my Soul The Lord has compassion and grace The Lord is slow to anger The Lord Continue Reading

Lyrics for My Abba

This is the lyrics for My Abba. You know the plans You have for me You will complete Your work in me My name’s engraved upon Your heart You sacrified Your Son for me Atoning blood has pardoned me Because of Christ, I am Your child I’ll be still, know that You are God By Your Spirit I cry My Abba, my father You’ll love me forever My future’s secure in Your hands You’ve crowned me with glory to worship You only To none else will I bow my heart For You are my Abba, my God Words & music Continue Reading

Every Moment, Thank God

Simplified Chinese 欢欣之时,颂赞上帝。 艰难之时,寻求上帝。 安静之时,崇拜上帝。 痛苦之时,相信上帝。 每时每刻,感谢上帝。 Traditional Chinese 歡欣之時, 頌讚上帝 艱難之時, 尋求上帝 安靜之時, 崇拜上帝 痛苦之時, 相信上帝 每時每刻, 感謝上帝 English Happy moments, PRAISE GOD. Difficult moments, SEEK GOD. Quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD. Painful moments, TRUST GOD. Every moment, THANK GOD.

Lyrics for Love Rescued Me 主爱拯救了我

This is the lyrics for Love Rescued Me 主爱拯救了我 zu ai zhengjiu le wo Mandarin version您永永远远不停的爱我 ni yong yong yuan yuan bu ting de ai wo我微弱时 您扶持我 wo wei ruo shi nin fu chi wo您的爱何等伟大奇妙 ni de ai he deng wei da qi miao您永不离开我 始终不离弃我 nin yong bu li kai wo shi zhong bu li qi wo 您说我是您心爱的人 ninshuo woshi nin xinai de ren我的一举一动 您都关怀 wode yijujidong nindou guanhuai您爱我直到天涯海角 nin ai wozhidao tianyahaijiao言语不能述说您的大恩 yanyu buneng shushou ninde daen 您带走我的伤痕忧愁 nin daizuo wo de shangheng youchou在十架上宝血洗净我罪 zai shijiashang baoxue xijing wo zui我心灵被更新 丰盛生命我领受 wo xinling bei gengxing fengsheng shengming wo lingshou Continue Reading

Lyrics for Justified 称义

This is the lyrics for 称义. 您只一次把自己献上 忍受了十字架的苦难 就永永远远除去我的罪 现在因蒙主您的恩典 因您完全荣耀的赦免 在您面前我得称为义 主耶稣我因您的宝血 得以坦然进入至圣所 在您面前跪下敬拜 至高赞美全归您 至高荣耀属于您 您是万王之王 万主之主 谁可以相比 我要高声赞美您 举手敬仰称颂您 在您跟前献上感恩敬拜您 Words & music: Karen Lim Copyright 2006 New Creation Church Singapore 看称义专辑里其他的歌曲

Lyrics for Covenant

This is the lyrics for Covenant. Listen to this song when partaking the Holy Communion. Jesus’ body, like the bread, was broken to rescue me from the curse. Jesus’ blood, like the cup, was poured to secure my salvation. Surely You were broken So that I may be whole Surely You were beaten So that grace may unfold As I look at the cross I remember You How my healing was bought At the price of Your wounds Surely You were wounded Previous blood was spilled Surely You were forsaken For my sake You endured Tears from heaven fell As Continue Reading

Lyrics for My King

The lyrics of My King. The heavens stood still as Jesus hung on the cross. This event is so significant that Heaven stopped and looked down at Jesus all battered and bruised. He did it to take my place, my sin and disgrace. Not for any other reason but for me. This is how I see the song My King, a wonderful worship song. Words & music by Sean Goh. Copyright 2008 New Creation Church, Singapore The heavens stood still at Calvary’s hill You shed Your blood as my ransom price You took my place, my sin and disgrace Continue Reading

Lyrics for Saviour of the Undeserving

This is the lyrics for Saviour of the Undeserving. Saviour of the Undeserving You have beckoned me with love You designed all heaven’s glory Yet you came, restored my worth Majesty strippped of all honour Man of sorrows on that tree The God who fashioned nature’s wonders Yet You stooped to rescue me This is love, spoken through Your brokenness This is grace, crowning me with righteousness You are the God who loves You are the God who gives Salvation, favour, victory as I stand and see You are the God I love You are the God I give All Continue Reading

Lyrics for Living Word

This is the lyrics for Living Word. Living word, You came Speaking hope into my world You change me Living truth, You are Light and glory to my soul You fill me I will not trust my arm of flesh Upon Your word I stand Jesus, Your grace has raised me up Jesus, Your truth has set me free To worship and adore You, Lord For all You are to me I trust in You, abide in You My hope, my strength words & music by Karen Lim Copyright 2007 New Creation Church A sample of the song. See other Continue Reading

Lyrics for Name Above All Names

This is the lyrics for Name Above All Names. Just as I am I come before You With no pretence I draw near You made a way through the cross My redemption’s secure My Saviour If not for Your grace, how can I stand To worship You with my heart and strength Yours is the name above all names Every knee shall bow, every tongue proclaim Yours is the name I live to praise Jesus, worthy is Your name Jesus, worthy is Your name Name above all names Name above all names Name above all names Name above all names Continue Reading

Lyrics for Because Of Your Blood

This is the lyrics for Because of Your Blood. At the cross You bore My frailty and shame You who knew no sin Consumed wrath of God for man Because of Your blood And Your finished work There is therefore now no condemnation At the cross You went The God of Heaven veiled His face So that I could rest In Your righteousness and grace Because of Your blood And Your finished work There is therefore now no condemnation From the grave You rose Knowing it is done Death has been defied Grace and mercy won Because of Your blood Continue Reading

Lyrics for Lord Of All My Days

This is the lyrics for Lord of All My Days. You are the truth, the light, the way My trust is in the power of Your name And in Your promises so true It’s not about all that I am But all to do with who You are to me And all that You have done You saved me cos You loved me Your grace gave me the highest way Now I live by Your life in me I am found in You always Lifting my voice to give You praise To you and You alone The Lord of all Continue Reading

Lyrics for Always

This is the lyrics for Always.     I will live my every dayKnowing I’m forever savedBecause I have been justifiedWhen for me, Lord, You cameYou shed Your blood for all my sinsDied for me and rose again For You have set me freeTo lift my voice and sing Your praise, Lord I shout out loudMake a joyful soundFor everything that You’ve done for meLord, I give You praiseFor Your unending loveLet everything in me bless your nameAlways! words & music by Sean GohCopyright 2008 New Creation Church A sample of the song.See other songs in the album