Deeply Loved

Lyrics for Grace Revolution

Lyrics for Grace Revolution. Hearts arise to the name of love Jesus, Jesus. Grace resounds all across the world. Your love is a grace revolution

Lyrics for Hearts On Fire

Lyrics for Hearts on Fire. Pour out Your grace like a flood. You fill my life with greater glory. Your love’s changing my heart. Jesus to You be all the glory

sweeter than wine

Lyrics for Anthem of Grace

Lyrics for Anthem of Grace. Let my life resound Your praise. As an anthem of Your grace. There is power in Your name Hallelujah Jesus You reign

Lyrics for Sweeter Than Wine

Lyrics for Sweeter than wine. Before the earth’s creation You knew me as I was And even then You chose me to be Yours I am captivated by your unending love

Lyrics for Refuge

Lyrics for Refuge. I call upon Your name You delivered me from harm In the shadow of Your wings No fear comes I turn to You alone

Lyrics for Forgiven Much

Lyrics for Forgiven Much. Jesus, You are my king, You’re my king Lamb of God, You’re my sin offering There is none who would die for my gain

Lyrics for Restore!

Lyrics for Restore! Eternal One, Your love has won my salvation
Restore my days, the wasted years My Redeemer

It is finished

Lyrics for Finished

Lyrics for Finished. Surely as the dawn awakes Your love for me will never fade Relentless love pursued my soul Till condemnation lost its hold

Lyrics for I Surrender

Lyrics for I Surrender. You love me as I am Chose me even when You knew I was tainted by sin. I surrender, surrender my heart To the fullness of Your grace

Rock Formation

Lyrics for The Solid Rock

The Solid Rock is a hymn written by Edward Mote (1797-1874). The melody is written by William Bradbury (1816–1868).

Fairest Lord Jesus

Fairest Lord Jesus, Lyrics and Covers

Fairest Lord Jesus, lyrics and covers of a pretty old hymn of German origins. Attributed to August Heinrich Hoffman von Fallersleben. Translated into English by Joseph A. Seiss in 1873. Lyrics for Fairest Lord Jesus Fairest Lord Jesus, ruler of all nature O Thou of God…

To God Be The Glory

Lyrics for To God Be The Glory, A Classic Hymn

Lyrics for To God Be The Glory and covers on Youtube. Written by Fanny Crosby with the melody by William Howard Doane. It is based on Galatians 1:4-5 who gave himself for our sins to rescue us from the present evil age, according to the will of…

Lyrics for The Love of God

Lyrics for The Love of God, a classic English hymn and a couple of music videos sang in various styles. My favorite is Bob Fitts’ version. The love of God is far greater Than tongue or pen can ever tell It goes beyond the highest…

There is a fountain

Lyrics for There is a Fountain, A Classic Hymn

Lyrics for There is a Fountain and a couple of music videos where the hymn was sung in a variety of styles. It is a classic English hymn written in the 18th century by William Cowper; a poet and hymn-writer. There is a fountain filled with blood Drawn from…