Lyrics for Yours forever

Lyrics for Yours Forever. I wait in You Jesus, You satisfy my heart and soul Your tenderness You give to me in Your embrace You cover me You keep me safe and sound under Your wings Your peace and rest You give to me by Your sacrifice And to You I belong By Your grace You have called me Your own Jesus, I am Yours forever Close to Your heart Held safe in Your hand I’m carried high upon Your shoulders Nothing can take Your love away from me I am Yours, I am Yours, I am Yours and Yours Continue Reading

Lyrics for Jesus, You’re My Lord

One of my favorite songs. I sing to Jesus, professing His lordship and his blessings over my life. Simple lyrics yet powerful worship. Jesus, You’re my Lord Jesus, You’re my God You’re the lifter of my head The glory of my life You are the Saviour of my soul Saviour of my soul Words & music: Daniel Chong Copyright 2007 New Creation Church Singapore A sample of the song. See other songs in this album.

The Whole Point Of Righteousness

The whole point of the gift of righteousness is that we can come boldly before Lord Jesus to fellowship and enjoy the blessings won by his sacrifice. That’s the message of today’s service. We knew this Sunday’s service wasn’t by Pastor Joseph Prince once we stepped into the entrance of the Rock…there were still seats in the auditorium! Regretful because people who didn’t come missed out on a fantastic sermon. Pastor Joshua Lee said it has been nine months since he last preached on Sunday. So, he is very pregnant. LOL! It must have been a long time since I heard Pastor Continue Reading

Lyrics for You’ve Gone Before Me

Jesus has gone before me. Like the shepherd leading the way. Listen to and buy the song Lyrics for You’ve gone before me I will not be afraid I will not be dismayed I am not alone Your rod and staff they comfort me I cannot be defeated I cannot be destroyed I am not alone My God, You are with me My God, You’re with me I’m standing in You Believing in You I see the walls come tumbling down My God, You’ve gone before me To save and restore me I know the battle belongs to You You Continue Reading

Lyrics for Heir Of The World

I’m heir of the world because Jesus is the heir of the world. In this world of more than 6 billion people, I sometimes feel very small and insignificant. It is therapeutic to know that God loves me. I am the apple of his eye. Listen to and buy the song Lyrics for Heir of the World Jesus I come In Your precious name Washed by Your blood Forgiven of sin Jesus I rest In Your finished work Grace I’ve received Not worked for, unearned I’m held in Your arms Kissed by Your love Your favour on me descends As Continue Reading

Lyrics for So Grateful

If you are like me, have low blood pressure and waking up in the morning is a major chore, then you will appreciate this song So Grateful. It has a quick tempo, a catchy tune and great lyrics. A song to enjoy and perk up the morning. Listen to and buy the song Lyrics for So Grateful You came for me to die for me You died for me, for me to live, Jesus You came for me to give to me More than a life, a life more abundantly I’m living this life You’ve given to me Abundant life, Continue Reading

Lyrics for My Rest

It is Sunday, a day of rest. It is Sunday, a day of worship for the substance of rest — Jesus Christ. When I first heard Pastor Joseph Prince preached about rest, I thought I knew what he meant. I did understand it to a certain extent. I know I shall not strive by looking to my own strength. But that’s not all. If I don’t strive and look to myself, then what shall I do? The answer came from another sermon — All blessings is in the person of Jesus. Look unto the person of Jesus Christ. That’s rest. Lean on Continue Reading

Lyrics for Jesus My Splendour | New Creation Worship

It is my good work to constantly remind myself that just as Jesus is, so am I. Wonderful promise from the loving Father. Not by my own works and behavior but by His perfect sacrifice and redemptive work. Hallelujah! Listen to and buy the song The lyrics to Jesus My Splendour Jesus, You are my splendour You’ve adorned me And brought me to Your throne You’ve crowned me with glory and honour ‘Cos You’ve placed me in Your worth My righteousness, holiness Are found in You my sacrifice Just as You are, so am I I’m justified, sanctified I live Continue Reading

Lemon Juice + Jesus

The morning light streamed in from the window. I opened my eyes, rolled over and stared at the ceiling. The week has not gone well. Work has been difficult. I am not looking forward to the work day. I whispered a complaint to the Lord, “I’m not happy, why are things so difficult this week?” I can sense the Lord’s gentle smile and this question popped into my head, “what comes out of you when you are squeezed?” I am definitely feeling sour and bitter. So, when I’m squeezed, I am oozing bitterness and sourness. But I am no ordinary Continue Reading