Free Knitting Patterns For Babies On the Internet

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Free knitting patterns for babies with collections of knitting patterns of headbands, bonnets, hats, socks, booties, mittens, bibs, diaper covers, vests, sweaters, clothes, ponchos, blankets, and more.

free knitting patterns for babies

Knitting for babies

I still remember how excited I was when I was knitting a pair of booties and a wrap cardigan for my new-born nephew. Actually, I was even more excited when I was giving the hand knitted gifts away. Unfortunately, the booties and cardigan are too small for him. I learned the importance of swatching that day. : P

Baby knits are great knitting projects because they are small items. They do not require a lot of materials. They are also quick knits. Knit and give away or sell them.

Babies have relatively big heads and hate to be changed. So consider that when selecting the design and pattern to use.

Knit the larger size to cater for a big baby (like my nephew) or for rapid growth in size. Or knit something that can be modified like the Anouk Pinafore.

Baby Knitting Tips

Babies need to be changed frequently. So, choose yarns that are machine washable. The ideal is the super-soft but yet sturdy yarns.

Most yarn companies market yarns especially for babies. Not only are the colour range limited, but it is also totally unnecessary. It is better to take note of the labels for the materials used and the manufacturing process. 

The size of the needles used should create a looser fabric so that it feels light and airy. It may be necessary to use needles a size larger than recommended on the yarn label. 

Babies like to pull at things and put things into their mouths. Accessories such as buttons or eyes should be child-safe or securely fastened. Embroidered embellishments are preferred.

13 Baby Knitting Pattern Collections

13 collections of baby knitting patterns from the head to the toe. 

I hope you find these free knitting patterns for babies collections useful. Let me know.

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