Free Knitting Patterns for Dolls I want to Knit

A list of free knitting patterns for dolls compiled for my reference. 

Move aside Barbie! Here comes hand knitted dolls that are just as fun and lovely.

1. Paton’s Rose Fairy Doll

Paton's Rose Fairy Doll
Image source: Patons

Get the pattern for the rose fairy doll

This is such a lovely doll pattern. Perfect for a girly girl whatever her age.

2. Jennie’s Sally the Eco Fairy

Sally the Eco Fairy doll
Image source: Molly Ann Rothschild and Mary Jackson

Get the pattern for Sally the Eco Fairy

Sally is such a lovely doll with a very stylish knitted hair. It is not for a beginner although the instructions are quite detailed.

3. Nioknits’ Keito Doll

Keito doll
Image source: nioknits at Ravelry

Get the pattern for the Keito doll

If you like playing with doll dress up, this would be up your alley. You can now knit up the doll and a set of clothing like a jacket, a dress, trousers and more. Nioknits had also designed a series of dresses, trousers, and shorts. A good yarn buster project.

4. Knubbelchen

Image source: pezi888 at Ravelry

Get the pattern for Knubbelchen

A softie doll that is both whimsical to look at and make. The English translation is very clear which is a pleasant surprise thanks to Katharina.

5. Sara’s Gingerbread Boy

Gingerbread boy doll
Image source: Sara Elizabeth Kellner at Ravelry

Get the pattern for Gingerbread boy

This boy is an easy knit with no seaming at all. My kind of pattern haha. I would use 2 circular needles to knit this instead of double pointed needles.

Doll Patterns Adapted from Storybooks or Animation

6. Your Family’s Knitted Big Ear and Noddy Dolls

Image source:

Get the pattern for Big Ear or the pattern for Noddy

I grew up reading Enid Blyton’s adventures of Noddy and Big Ear in Toyland. If you have a little fan at home, these dolls would make him/her smile.

7. Your Family’s The Pink Panther

Pink Panther doll
Image source:

Get the pattern for Pink Panther

This is like nostalgia. With long arms and long legs, this pink panther’s only mischief is to be someone’s cuddly sleeping companion. Made up of mostly garter stitch, my favourite stitch.

8. Lizzard’s Fin the Human

Fin the Human doll
Image source:

Get the pattern for Fin the Human

Lizzard gave a lot of instructions but because she used a lot of small parts so it can get a bit confusing. Scroll down her page for questions by visitors and her answers. This should clear things up a bit. Oh, Jake the Dog is available for free too.

9. Juanamac’s Frozen Olaf Doll

Image source:

Get the pattern for Frozen Olaf doll

This is a surprising good pattern of Olaf. It is knitted using double-pointed needles but it can be replaced with circular needles.

10. Knitterbees’ Miffy

Image source:

Get the pattern for Miffy

There are some gaps in the pattern. It didn’t say how you should attach the head to the body but I think it is intuitive yah. Another knitter mentioned that she picked up stitches from the head to knit the body. Not a bad idea. Or you can do provisional cast on for the head so you get live stitches later.

11. Susan’s Miffy

Miffy the knitted doll
Image source: Susan Chang at Ravelry

Get the pattern for Susan’s Miffy

Another version of Miffy. Construction is similar to Knitterbees. Knit the head and divide for the ears.

Knitted Toys: 14 Cute Toys To Knit by Tatyana Korobkova (book)

I wanted to add this book into this guide because it contains 14 toy doll patterns. It is worth buying although you can also try your local library.

Tatyana’s dolls are probably not suitable for very young children. They are more delicate and not good for rough play. An older child may be captivated by their cuteness and play with them with more care.

Tatyana seems to think that even beginners can make her dolls as she starts off her book with the basic techniques like how to hold the needles, cast-on, knit and purl stitches. But I really appreciate her taking the time to teach assembling the parts using thread jointing. There is step by step instructions with pictures or illustrations. She did the same with hairstyle and limbs.

knitted toys detailed instructions
knitted toys detailed instructions knitted toys detailed instructions

Each project consists of abbreviations, materials needed, section by section and row by row instructions. Tatyana is meticulous. She also included pictures of each completed parts. There is no guessing with her patterns.

Tatyana uses some unique techniques to shape her dolls. Even experienced knitters might learn a few new tricks.

She uses specific yarns for all her dolls. They are DMC Woolly, DMC Natura, and DMC Natura XL

That’s all to this doll list for now.

Happy Knitting, Phoebe

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