Fried cabbage recipe with green cabbage and garlic

Fried cabbage recipe stashed!

Round or green cabbage has been made famous by the 7-day weight loss cabbage soup. But do you know that it can also prevent liver cancer?

Green cabbage picture

It improves the lining of the small intestines and helps clear toxins in the digestive tract. It also encourages healthy growth of good bacteria in the gut. The ideal situation in the gut is not zero-bacteria but presence of bacteria that are good for our bodies.

The following is a very basic and sparse fried cabbage recipe. Feel free to beef it up with additional ingredients such as fresh seafood like fresh shrimps or scallops. Add an egg or spice it up with special asian sauces. The sky is your limit.

1/4 green round cabbage
1 clove garlic
salt to taste
cooking oil


  1. Chop the cabbage into chunks
  2. Peel and slice the garlic thinly
  3. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a wok and gently fry the garlic
  4. Add the cabbage chunks and fry till they are soft
  5. Add a little water if necessary
  6. Season with salt to taste

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