Friend song: 我的朋友我的同学我最爱的一切

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Singapore friend song, 我的朋友我的同学我最爱的一切 appears in 郑展伦’s new album/extended play. It is called 同学会 (translated roughly class gathering).


The first song in the album caught my attention. It is 我的朋友我的同学我最爱的一切. The title looks familiar but I couldn’t really recall why. It appeared as the last song again as a piano version. When I listened to it, the voice that sang the first stanza wasn’t 郑展伦. It was 吴庆康. Now, I realised why it was familiar. This song was written by 吴庆康 in 1990 and appeared in his album of the same name.

What a pleasant surprise and find!

吴庆康 was one of my favorite writers and songwriters when I was studying in the university.

An additional surprise was the modification of the lyrics.

This one below is from the original version. It is used as a farewell ode for many graduation ceremonies and parties. I have found comfort in this song when I felt the impending separation from friends and classmates keenly. I still remember the feeling clearly…the sadness and the inevitability.

渐渐走远了 我的年轻岁月
慢慢累积了 我的悲伤和喜悦


希望 失望 是那么的长年累月
心痛 心动 也是那么的长久缠绵
我得到不多 但不介意有过那么一点

我真的好想你们 你们的一切
谁叫你们是我最爱的朋友 最爱 同学

我真的爱你们 欢笑流泪的感觉
我在乎我们的一切 虽然不一定会永远

Listen to the original version sang by 李伟菘

Twenty years on, the lyrics have been changed to reflect a mellower view.

已经走远了 我的年轻岁月
回首看不清 那年的风花和雪月
我是否还记得我的朋友 我的同学

春夏秋冬 最能将一切都搁浅
我的未来有太多 承诺没实现

希望 失望 是淡淡的经过身边
心痛 心动 原来不一定长久缠绵
我得到不多 但不介意有过那么一点

我真爱过你们 纯真无忧的感觉
我微笑拥抱这一切 那是我最灿烂的瞬间

Some might think the new lyrics are more cynical but it reflects present feelings. 已经走远了 我的年轻岁月, no matter if I think so or not, I am no longer considered young. 春夏秋冬 最能将一切都搁浅, I have left some things behind with time past. 我真爱过你们 纯真无忧的感觉, 我微笑拥抱这一切 那是我最灿烂的瞬间, my feelings then were real, but they were also fleeting (with 20 years as a backdrop).

It is good to meet the songwriter 吴庆康 again.


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