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I really like garter stitch knitting. It is a super easy technique for beginners. It produces a squishy, sturdy and flat piece of knitted work, and I can watch TV while I knit.

What is Garter Stitch Knitting?

I hope you already know that there are 2 basic stitches in knitting: the knit(K) stitch and the purl(P) stitch. Garter stitch knitting is basically knitting every row.

Garter stitch is perfect for beginners. Especially people who had learned the knit stitch and is raring to start on their first project.

Here is a video on how to knit the garter stitch:

I have a couple of projects here made with garter stitch. The projects start from easy to more challenging.

By working through these projects in sequence, I think you will also love garter stitch knitting. If you are an absolute newbie, you might want to start with a garter stitch scarf but they are boring even for me, the TV knitter. So, they didn’t make it to my list.

Garter Stitch Squares Bag

Garter Stitch Squares Bag

This is a bag made up of several pieces of garter stitch squares. They are sewn up in a way that give the bag a hobo look. It’s really a very interesting design. You can size the bag by making bigger or smaller squares.

This pattern is available at

Garter Stitch on a Bias Bag

Garter Stitch on a Bias Dumpling Bag

This bag is made up of a single piece of garter stitch square. It is knitted on a bias starting with a 1-stitch cast on. If you hate casting on a lot of stitches, this project is just right for you.

This free pattern is available at

Garter stitch cardigan

This cardigan called Corinne is knitted as a single piece (yay! No sewing up) in garter stitch and shaped using short rows.

image source: Crystal Erb Junkins at

Short rows are not too hard. Here’s a video showing you how it is done using the Japanese technique.

This free pattern is available at

Garter Stitch Ear Flap Hat

image source:

This is a sweet hat with sizes from baby to adult. It is seamless and shaped using short rows.

This pattern is available at

Weaving in the Ends for Garter Stitch

Weaving in the ends in garter stitch. So simple.

I hope you will try some of these projects and let me know how it went for you. And if you are game for more garter stitch knitting, here’s a webpage with more projects:

If you need to refresh your memory on how to cast on, how to do the knit stitch and the purl stitch, and how to bind off, please go to

Adventures in Garter Stitch

Or you may want to learn directly from an expert. Craftsy has an online course where you can do just that. It’s called Adventures in Garter Stitch by Vicky Square.

Adventures in Garter Stitch

Description of the course

Hone new garter stitch skills alongside knitting author Vicki Square as you create a stylish triangle scarf, an eye-catching open lattice scarf and a personalized tote bag!

Start with tips for smooth cast-on and accurate gauge measurements. Then, knit your own chic triangle scarf with professional edges, increases and decreases, fascinating colour changes and techniques for fuss-free finishing.

Breeze through an open lattice scarf with all the chart-reading and knitting tricks you need to make this beautiful buttonhole pattern a stunning success. Plus, take your knit-stitch skills even further as you create a sturdy tote bag you can customize to complement your style!

Use the garter stitch in new ways as you graduate from the basic scarf to more exciting, impressive accessories.

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