Gym or Outdoors

Its always a dilemma for me when it comes to exercising. Outdoors or the gym? Hmmm…

I would almost always choose to be outdoors.

The feeling you get from jogging outdoors is so different from being cooped up in the gym. There are more things (and people of course) to watch but it’s also the sense of freedom I truly enjoy.You can choose to change your normal route or path; and that can bring new surprises and spice up the workout 🙂

I am always extra cautious when running along roads though as I wear my iPod and that means I am not fully aware of my surroundings…it may just be cyclists whizzing past; another jogger trying to overtake or careless motorists. So be very careful when running on busy roads.

Running on the treadmill can get really boring and monotonous; and stationary biking seemed to go nowhere. Outdoor biking lets you cover more grounds and there is a certain sense of satisfaction upon arriving at your destination. But I have to admit, I am not much of a biker – trouble with balancing on anything fewer than a 3-wheeler.

However, the gym does offer great advantages especially when time is tight and weather unpredictable. It is a safe alternative when you cannot find an outdoor area that is safe for running, for eg. heavy traffic, and lack of space and dangerous spots.

Besides, the gym is air-conditioned, so it means you can work harder and longer without the exhaustion that sets in easier in our humid climate. There is a clear and concise way of measuring the distance or rounds you have completed, and it makes a good benchmark to push yourself more the next time.

The machines and free weights gives the body another type of workout besides cardio or aerobics – resistance training  that helps build muscles and tone the body. It can get boring (both for you and your body) if the same types of resistance exercises are done , so I read many fitness magazines to get new inspirations and ideas to spice up my exercise routine so that I am never too jaded!

More on these exercises in another blog post.

But I must say, on days that me or my body is unwilling to work hard, then taking it easy on the cross trainer, stationary bike or treadmill is a great option. Besides, I get to watch some news programs (too bad they don’t have cable programs in my gym) and even read while working out- hmmm… efficient and productive indeed.

So, what is your choice?