The Highest Praise Lyrics | New Creation Worship Song


The Highest Praise lyrics teaches me that it is the Lord’s grace that has saved me from guilt and self-condemnation.

Highest Praise lyrics

When my life is flooded with His light and colour, I see with brand new eyes, the love, joy and hope that is anchored in Jesus.

I can offer the highest praise because His joy has captured my heart and I dance and sing. My fears slide away because of His hope. Truly free, truly saved.

Let us sing the highest praise to Jesus!

The Highest Praise Lyrics

Words & music by Aaron Tabensky, Sean Goh. Copyright 2010 New Creation Church, Singapore

Your grace has broken down
The walls of condemnation
No longer bound by chains
That held me down
This liberty that I have found
Through Your salvation
Changed my life forever

Your joy has captured my heart
I can't help but dance and sing
Your hope has caused my fears
To slide away
Now I am free, I am saved
Jesus, forevermore
You deserve the highest praise

This song can be found in the I Sing Hosanna worship album.