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My hobo bag knitting pattern free and easy in garter stitch. Based on a Japanese pattern.

hobo bag knitting pattern
hobo bhobo n

A raveller posted her bag design and gave general instructions in English at The instructions were not difficult to understand but I still thought it good to write up the instructions in more detail.

The bag is made up of squares knitted in garter stitch using black and white yarn.

I am very pleased with the finished product. It looks difficult but is actually quite easy. I have a little mental block with the handles (which is why this took me 2 months) but a little help from my knitting buddies cleared the block.

I lined the bag including the handles because the handle of my Japanese knot bag (previous project) had started to stretch. I was told that I should have lined the handles as well.

Knitting the Garter Squares

Using 3.5mm dpi, cast on 21 stitches with black yarn. (cast on row serve as border)

Switch to white yarn and knit 2 rows. (form 1 white ridge)

Switch to black yarn and knit 2 rows. (form 1 black ridge)

Switch to white yarn and knit 2 rows (2nd white ridge)

Continue switching colours after every 2 rows to create the ridges.

After ridge 20 (which should be white) knit 1 row of black yarn and bind off.

garter stitch in black and white stripes
The front and back of the garter stitch square

Make 22 squares. Sew them up together in this combination:

5 squares together to form a long strip. Make 2.
4 squares together to form a long strip. Make 2.
2 squares together. Make 2.

Seam all of them up as follows:

Body of garter stitch square bag with instructions
Body of garter stitch square bag with instructions

To make the body of the bag, sew as indicated in the picture above. Once the sides have been sewn, fold the body in half and sew up the sides.

Crochet a single row along the opening.

Bag Handles

Pick up 9 stitches at the 2 corners of the body.

Row 1 – Knit 1 Purl 1
Row 2 – Purl 1 Knit 1

Continue the single rib pattern until the handle is about 17inches or 44cm. Connect the 2 handles to the 2 corners on the other side of the body.

Line the bag and handles with the fabric of corresponding colour.

Celebrate with a photo shoot.

This is a free knitting pattern. I will be thrilled if you use it. Please link back here if you do.

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