Learn How to Knit a Bunny with these 10 Knitting Patterns

how to knit a bunny
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How to knit a bunny, you ask? With these 10 different knitting patterns for rabbits. From realistic, doll-like to whimsical.

Start with a pattern which is basically a knitted square with carefully placed stitches. Next, 2 or 3 patterns cleverly shaped using increases, decreases and short rows. Then we have the classic ones with all parts individually knitted up and put together.

There are patterns with accessories like caps, dress, poncho, jumpers, carrots and balloons. All opportunities to make something quick and cute.

1. One Square Stuffed Bunny

Designed by Gina Michele, this bunny is a knitted square. A cleverly stitched triangle using durable yarn pulled up to create the head and ears. Gina provided pictures of how the triangle is stitched.

Sew up the seams for the body and bottom. Attach a pompom as a tail. Totally doable.

A free web-based pattern available at http://gina-michele.com/2016/05/one-square-stuffed-bunny-knitting-pattern-2.html

2. Henry’s Bunny

henry bunny
Image source: Ravelry

Designed by Sara Elizabeth Kellner. The body is knitted up using short rows and increases.

The pattern calls short rows and increases for the body. To knit the head, stitches are picked up from the neckline cast-on edge. I think a provisional cast-on might be easier than picking up stitches from a small neckline.

The ears are tricky which is why designer took pictures with step-by-step instructions. The model bunny is not very big: the size of my palm. It could be made larger if bulky yarn and bigger needles are used.

Overall, not an easy pattern for a beginner.

A free Ravelry PDF download is available at https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/henrys-bunny#

3. Knitterbees’ Miffy

Knitterbees Miffy
Image source: knitterbees.blogspot.com

Designed by knitterbees, this bunny knitting pattern features bunny ears that are perky and straight rather than big and floppy.

There is a gap in the pattern. It didn’t say how you should attach the head to the body. The usual method is probably to sew the head and the body together.

A knitter mentioned that she picked up stitches from the head to knit the body. Not a bad idea. Or we can use a provisional cast-on for the head so you get live stitches later to continue with the body.

The pattern includes Miffy’s dress and a balloon. It is available at http://knitterbees.blogspot.com/2012/03/miffy-and-her-balloon-plush-toy-pattern.html

4. Susan’s Miffy

Miffy the knitted doll
Image source: Susan Chang at Ravelry

Susan Chang designed another version of Miffy. The construction is similar to Knitterbees although the increases of the head are different.

Knit the head and divide for the ears, pick up for the body and split for the legs.

A free web-based pattern available at http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bunny-in-a-blue-dress

5. Bunny with Carrot

bunny with carrot
Image source: cutoutandkeep.net

Designed by Val Pierce and collected in a book called Knitted Rabbits. The book has 20 cuddly bunny knitting patterns. This one with the bunny is my favourite. I like that it is more realistic yet toy enough for a kid.

The recommended yarn is a luxury baby alpaca. This gives it a furry coat as soft as silk. It uses a yarn colour change to mark out the nose and belly of the bunny.

Unlike the patterns before this, the parts for this bunny are knitted separately and sewn together later. There is quite a fair bit of sewing as the parts are knitted flat initially.

Val gave sufficient information for the making up. The position of the seams, the placement of the parts for attaching. This definitely helps with making the finishing of the bunny more polished.

A free web-based pattern available at https://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/bunny-with-carrot

6. Sunny Bunny

sunny bunny
Image source: Sarah Youde at Ravelry

Designed by Sarah Youde, Sunny bunny is a kid-friendly cuddly bunny.

This pattern, like Bunny with Carrot, has different parts. I personally prefer knitting a larger single piece with shaping. However, sometimes, you just cannot avoid knitting many parts in order to make a nice toy.

Sarah included instructions for a dress and a jumper. Obviously for a girl bunny and a boy bunny. Sarah left it to the knitter to decide a colour combination for Sunny.

A free Ravelry PDF download is available at https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sunny-bunny

7. Erik Easter Bunny

Image source: Millamia at Ravelry

Don’t you think Erik is just so cute with its big fat bottom? Millamia designed a truly attractive cuddly softie.

The body and legs are in 2 parts: the front and back. Carefully placed markers helped to line them up for sewing. Parts included the head, arms, ears, belly patch, and poncho.

Millamia recommends stitching up the parts using the mattress stitch. There is a photo tutorial for mattress stitch on the Millamia website.

A free Ravelry PDF download is available at https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/erik-easter-bunny

8. Lizzie Rabbit Knitting Pattern

Image source: willowyarns.com

Rae Blackledge designed Lizzie for little girls. Look how sweet she is. I can see her in a little tea party out in the garden.

The recommended yarn is Willow Yarns Quill which is actually too thin for this project. Hold double strands at the same time to achieve gauge, says the pattern.

The good thing it is easy to substitute the yarns. The pattern is in a number of rows rather than measurements. If you use thicker yarn, you will end up with a bigger Lizzie.

Skills needed include short rows and knit in the round. Not that suitable for beginner knitters.

A downloadable PDF pattern from Willow Yarns is available at https://www.willowyarns.com/text/pattern_downloads/W00239.pdf

9. Giant Arm Knit Bunny

image source: http://www.sweetpaulmag.com/crafts/giant-arm-knit-bunny-by-anne-weil

I have never done arm knitting before but this giant bunny looks really interesting. The stitches look like it is stockinette stitch so it should be quite similar.

Designed by Anne Weil, the arm knitting part is quite straightforward. The body resembles a trapeze shape. The pattern has good detailed instructions and pictures to show how to make up the bunny.

Before investing in super bulky yarn, it may be helpful to knit this in normal size yarn to get the hang of the making up section.

The pattern is a free ISSUU document.

10. Juicy Fruit Bunny

Image source: petitepurls.com

Designed by Aine Marriott. These knitted bunnies look like they are doing jumping jacks.

The body is a single knitted piece. Start at the legs, body, arms, and head. Knit the ears and hats separately and attach them to the body.

The colourful fruit-inspired hats are the highlights of the pattern. Five hat designs to choose from: apple, leaf, orange, strawberry, and pineapple.

This is a free web-based pattern available at https://web.archive.org/web/20140906013919/http:/www.petitepurls.com/Summer11/summer2011_p_fruit.html

I hope you like this How to Knit a Bunny Collection.

Happy Knitting!

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