Learn How to Knit Baby Booties with these 8 Cute Knitting Patterns

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How to knit baby booties you ask? Find a cute baby booties knitting pattern and practise, practise, practise.  

how to knit baby booties

Baby booties come in all sorts of shapes. Some resemble socks or stockings, others resemble adult footwear. Then, there are the cute ones.

Babies kick a lot and booties should be shaped well to stay on their tiny feet even when they flay around.

Here are some of my picks starting with the cute ones.

1. Jeni’s Baby Duck Feet

Baby duck feet
Image source: Jeny Staiman at knitty.com

Designed by Jeni Staiman.

She said that she suddenly realized that babies do not walk in their socks so, she designed a pair of duck feet totally just for fun. My kind of girl.

To enjoy this pattern, you need to be comfortable with or know how to knit in the round.

Get the free pattern at: Jeni’s Baby Duck Feet

2. Froggy socks

Froggie sock
Image source: P2 Design

Like Jeni’s baby duck feet, this froggy sock is another bootie mimicking an animal and totally un-walkable. The cuff is a little short, I would make it longer to make it more secure and flay-proof.

This pattern also comes with a matching froggy hat making it a Kermit-the-frog costume set.

Get the free Pattern at: Froggy Socks

3. Kimono Baby Booties

I like this kimono-inspired baby booties because of the construction. It wraps at the top of the foot like a kimono, hence the name. Adding the buttons increase the kawaii factor.

Unfortunately, the pattern is written in Spanish. It has a Google Translate link that can translate the instructions into English but it isn’t ideal. Fortunately, there is a very helpful video showing the entire process of making the booties.

Get the pattern atKimono Baby Booties

4. Baby Mary Janes

baby mary jane
Image source: Freda Bettina at loveknitting

This baby Mary Janes stole my heart. It is so pretty with the tiny flower border. I’m not sure it will stay on an active baby’s feet though. LOL.

It is knitted up using the garter stitch, which is especially great for knitters who do not like to purl. This baby booties knitting pattern fits babies from 0 to 3 months.

Get the pattern at: Baby Mary Jane

5. Scrunchy Booties

how to knit baby booties
Image source: Jennifer Batt at Knitpicks.com

These scrunchy booties look more like socks with leg warmers. They are knitted from the toe up using a short row heel. If you don’t know how to knit short rows, this is the ideal project to learn. The project is small enough not to take too much time to see the effect of the short rows.  

I wish this was the project I learned how to create a scrunchy look just by using alternate rows of knitting and purling. It is really quite cool.

Get the pattern at: Scrunchy Booties

6. Sneaker Booties

Image source: Ravelry.com

Designed by Michelle Ho. This pair of booties resemble sneakers and even come with shoelaces. Knitted in the round and seamless: two of my favourite features. 🙂 

Pattern: Sneaker Booties

Learn How to Knit Baby Booties with These Video Tutorials

A knitting friend told me she prefers watching knitting videos instead of reading the instructions. I personally prefer written instructions but I appreciate how a show-and-tell video can give me a general idea of how the item is supposed to be knitted up.

Here are some good video tutorials that show how to knit baby booties. 

7. Moss Stitch Socks for Newborn

I thought the cuff was a little too short but since these are for newborns, I assume they don’t kick about too vigorously.

8. Baby Crossed Shoes

The designer called these shoes but I think they are more booties than shoes. The construction is similar to the Baby Mary Janes but the straps are crossed. Also, many sizes are available on the designer’s website.

If you enjoy this list, you might also like my knitted baby socks list. 

Happy Knitting!

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