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Looking for the In You I Live Lyrics?

There are two In You I Live Lyrics: a worship song by Houseflies and a praise song by New Creation Church Singapore.

There are two In You I Live Lyrics: a worship song by Houseflies and a praise song by New Creation Church Singapore.

It is interesting to compare songs sharing the same title. These 2 songs have different tempos. The Houseflies version is slow and meditative. The New Creation Worship one is fast-paced and celebratory. Both expressed the need for Jesus in different ways. Most importantly is to focus on Jesus and not on self.

In You I Live (Houseflies)

In You I live 
In You I move 
In You I have my being 

Reaching out to find You 
With open eyes to see You 
I cannot live without Your love 

Silver and gold could never come close 
I'd trade it all for You 
You are my everything 
All I ever need is You , 
is You

I saw this comment at Youtube,

As much as I can say that I love the words of this song and I want them to be true in my life, I can’t lie and deny the fact that I really really really struggle with prioritising Jesus and my relationship with Him, because even though I want to surrender everything, it’s actually really hard. I know for a fact I’m not the only Christian struggling with this, so my prayer is that we all come to the point where we totally hunger and thirst for God like a dear that pants for water. I want to be hungry for Christ but the trivial things of this worldly life have me caught up! None of these things matters if I don’t have Jesus.

Beulah O

Yes, the commentator’s struggle is real and it is great that she acknowledged her failings. It is my failing too. The thing is: we cannot prioritize God without knowing that He prioritizes us first. We cannot give up gold and silver for Jesus without knowing that it is God who gave up everything for us first. Our giving up will never come close to Abba God’s sacrifice. The treasure in the field in Matthew 13:44-45 is not God, it is us. We are God’s treasure.

In You I Live Lyrics (New Creation Worship)

Words & music by Sean Goh. Copyright 2006 New Creation Church Singapore

I will sing for all my days
Of Your goodness and Your grace
And the wonders of Your love for me

I will declare Your glory Lord
That You died and rose again
Now in You I stand justified

And all of my hope is in You Lord
In the saving power of Your blood

You're my righteousness, My deliverer
I am free and alive 'cos You live in me
I will shout my praise unto You my King
You're my Jesus, in You I live

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