Japanese Knot Bag

Japanese knot bag - brown

I got my knitting mojo back a couple of weeks back.

Here’s the result…

My Japanese knot bag

It is a Japanese knot bag. I simplified the Square Cake knitting pattern found at knitty.com.

I made 2 significant modifications:

  1. Making 1 handle shorter.
  2. Closing the seam the other way round so that the shorter handle is in front of the longer handle.

I lined it with a silk handkerchief given to me by someone from a long time ago. Since I don’t use handkerchiefs anymore, it felt right to recycle it. Here’s the interior of the bag and the lining.

Interior and lining of bag

I was pleasantly surprised that the pastel blue and small floral print went so well with the earthy brown.

I thought the lining was going to be difficult to do. It is my first attempt. I went through the process in my head step by step and it was, again a pleasant surprise, quite easy.

Front of Japanese knot bag
View from the front
Back of Japanese knot bag
View from the back

I’m using it as a lunch tote at the moment.

I double-stitched an animal in front of the bag. I know it is hard to tell from the pictures but can guess what it is?  (^_^)

hint: hail from downunder