Lyrics for Jesus You’re My Lord | New Creation Worship Song


Jesus You’re my Lord, Jesus, you’re my God, you’re the lifter of my head, the glory of my life.

I sing this song to Jesus, professing His lordship and his blessings over my life. Simple lyrics yet powerful worship.

He is Lord not because He lords over my life or makes demands of me. Instead, he lifts my downcast head and brings glory to my life. He gives my life hope and meaning.

I could not find any music video for this song so I am sharing the audio file here. I hope you find it as meditative as me.

Lyrics for Jesus You’re my Lord

Words & music: Daniel Chong
Copyright 2007 New Creation Church Singapore

Jesus, You're my Lord
Jesus, You're my God

You're the lifter of my head
The glory of my life
You are the Saviour of my soul
Saviour of my soul

The name of this song is very similar to Jesus, You are my Lord by Brendon & Cathie Clancy. But they are not the same song. I hope you give this song a try and encounter the Amazing Jesus.