Lyrics for 寂寞还是你

I bought Jam Hsiao’s new album 王妃 (wang fei) recently. There are 10 songs plus 2 bonus tracks.

The first hearing didn’t impress me. I started to regret and thought that maybe I should have waited for the review. But since I bought it, I thought I should give it a few more spins.

Thank goodness I did. The songs grew on me, especially this one: 寂寞还是你 (ji mo hai shi ni).

It seems a sad song but is actually a song of hope.

In the journey of life, aren’t most of us looking for happiness? But how can we be happy, especially when someone we care about has just left us? Do we let our hearts be filled with a sense of loneliness that cripple us or do we remember the good part and move on.

We move forward, albeit slowly, because the journey of life is a beautiful one.


往前走下去  细雨落满地
我还在迟疑 如何能够开心
思念堆成积 活在无助里

内心的世界里 是寂寞还是你
寂寞围绕着我 无能向前进
内心的世界里 是寂寞还是你
若你住在我心 一起往前进

往前走下去 漫长无止境
你曾问过我 世上谁最美丽
问题满天星 从此不再提
我怎么能这样让我为爱失去 蔓延继续

慢慢向前进 最美最远的旅行

This song is written by Jam Hsiao himself, both the music and the lyrics. Quite impressive for a young man.