4 Knit Diaper Cover Pattern Ideas Filed

Filing free knit diaper cover pattern ideas. I was introduced to knitted diaper covers also known as wool soakers by another knitter on Facebook. When I was a young girl, our family used cloth diapers. I still remember having to fold so many white muslin sheets into the classic triangular shapes for my baby cousins. If only I knew about diaper covers, I could have knitted cute ones for them. The writer for www.thinking-about-cloth-diapers.com has written a comprehensive article on different types of diaper covers and has a section on wool diaper cover also known as wool soakers. The benefits Continue Reading

Free Knitting Patterns For Babies On the Internet

Free knitting patterns for babies with collections of knitting patterns of headbands, bonnets, hats, socks, booties, mittens, bibs, diaper covers, vests, sweaters, clothes, ponchos, blankets, and more. Knitting for babies I still remember how excited I was when I was knitting a pair of booties and a wrap cardigan for my new-born nephew. Actually, I was even more excited when I was giving the hand knitted gifts away. Unfortunately, the booties and cardigan are too small for him. I learned the importance of swatching that day. : P Baby knits are great knitting projects because they are small items. They Continue Reading

6 Free Knitting Patterns for Baby Sweaters On the Internet

List of knitting patterns for baby sweaters freely available on the Internet.  Raglan is a very popular technique for knitting the sleeves of baby sweaters. A raglan sleeve is a sleeve that extends in one piece to the collar. The tell-tale sign is a diagonal seam from the underarm to the collarbone. The following list of baby sweater knitting patterns all feature the raglan sleeves.  1. Billie Baby Jacket Marianna offers the Billie baby jacket in 3 different sizes. The little ribbing in the middle of the sweater gives the sweater a “waist” makes it looks like an adult jacket. Pattern: Billie Continue Reading

3 Knitting Patterns for Baby Socks I Want To Knit

3 knitting patterns for baby socks I want to knit. 1. Happy Toes Baby Socks Loose socks or booties tend to come off when babies kick their legs. This one is designed to stay put. It is knitted from the ribbed cuff to the toe. The toe is closed by using the kitchener graft technique. The pattern includes information about the gauge and accessories you will need. It is divided clearly into several sections focusing on each part of the construction: Cuff, Leg, Heel, Heel Flap, Gusset, Foot, and Toe. The hole in the toe is closed or grafted together Continue Reading

Learn How to Knit Baby Booties with these 8 Knitting Patterns

How to knit baby booties you ask? By practicing with these 8 knitting patterns.  Baby booties come in all sorts of shapes. Some resemble socks or stockings, others resemble adult footwear. Then, there are the cute ones. Babies kick a lot and booties should be shaped well to stay on their tiny feet even when they flay around. Here are some of my picks starting with the cute ones. 1. Jeni’s Baby Duck Feet Designed by Jeni Staiman. She said that she suddenly realized that babies do not walk in their socks so, she designed a pair of duck feet Continue Reading

6 Baby Mittens Knitting Patterns

Filing baby mittens knitting patterns. Baby mittens are more advanced projects than baby bibs or headbands. Nonetheless, they are great yarn busters. They can be knitted from top-down or from cuff down but almost always knitted in the round.  So, it is also a good way to learn knitting in the round. I have tried knitting in the round using double-pointed needles and I am not a fan. I prefer the magic loop technique with one long circular needle or using 2 long circular needles. By using 2 long circular needles, I can also knit both mittens at the same time. Knitting 2 Continue Reading

24 Knitting Patterns for Baby Hats Free on the Internet

List of baby hat knitting pattern ideas from the Internet. A baby hat or beanie is a quick knit. What makes them fun are the cute themes they are designed in. Most of them are knitted in the round but they can also be knitted flat and then seamed. My selection starts with basic shapes and borders before moving on to cuter designs inspired by all sorts of things around us. 1. Mama’s Basic Baby Hat Knit Pattern A good basic baby hat knit pattern to learn from. It starts off with a 2-stitch ribbing and continues in stockinette stitch. Continue Reading

14 Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns That I Would Like To Knit

14 baby blanket knitting patterns that I would like to knit. They can be as simple as a knitted rectangle or as complicated as a baby cocoon or sleep sack. The main objective of a blanket is to keep our precious warm and safe. It should be knitted loosely so that it gives fabulous drape. Popular and common yarn materials are the soft and squishy ones. Many knitted baby blankets have cute designs using bright cheery colours. Some are elegant and awe-inspiring with lace and cables. A few are like sleep sacks. Baby blanket knitting patterns usually either call for Continue Reading

14 Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern Ideas You Should Try

Fingerless gloves knitting pattern ideas covering a whole range of construction techniques, with and without thumb gussets. My secret reason for doing fingerless gloves or mitts is because I do not know how to knit up the fingers neatly. I always end up with gaping holes in between the fingers. So, before I learn how to pick up stitches properly and neatly, I shall be contented with making fingerless gloves. Fingerless gloves can be knitted up flat or in the round.  The thumb gusset can take different forms and some patterns do not even have it. Knitting flat is fairly Continue Reading

Free Knitting Patterns for Dolls I want to Knit

A list of free knitting patterns for dolls compiled for my reference.  Move aside Barbie! Here comes hand knitted dolls that are just as fun and lovely. 1. Paton’s Rose Fairy Doll Get the pattern for the rose fairy doll This is such a lovely doll pattern. Perfect for a girly girl whatever her age. 2. Jennie’s Sally the Eco Fairy Get the pattern for Sally the Eco Fairy Sally is such a lovely doll with a very stylish knitted hair. It is not for a beginner although the instructions are quite detailed. 3. Nioknits’ Keito Doll Get the pattern Continue Reading