Knitting for babies celebrates how special they are

Baby Mary Janes

Knitting for babies celebrates how special, precious and cute babies are. I still remember how excited I was when I was knitting booties and a wrap cardigan for my new-born nephew. Actually I was even more excited when I was giving the hand knitted gifts away. Baby knitting creates great baby shower gifts and baby birthday gifts.

They are great knitting projects too. They are small items that do not require a lot of materials. They are also quick knits.

If you are new to knitting for babies, you should heed the following practical tips on baby knitting from Melissa Walters.

  1. She said that yarns should be machine washable since babies needs to be changed frequently.
  2. Accessories on the items such as buttons or eyes should be child-safe or securely fastened.
  3. You should aim to knit a larger size to cater for a big baby or for the rapid growth in size.
  4. Melissa also mentioned that babies have big heads and hate to be changed. So consider that when selecting the pattern to use.

Another thing she mentioned is the variety of projects that you can choose from. Besides jackets or cardigans, you can knit baby blankets, baby bibs, booties, baby hats and soft toys.

I think they are such sound advice, don’t you?

Baby Mary Janes!

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