3 Knitting Patterns Baby Socks I Want To Knit

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3 knitting patterns baby socks I want to knit because they have longer cuffs that babies can’t kick off.

knitting patterns baby socks

Happy Toes Baby Socks

Happy Toes Baby Socks
Image source: redheart.com

Loose socks or booties tend to come off when babies kick their legs. Happy Toes socks is designed to stay put. It is knitted from the ribbed cuff to the toe.

The pattern includes information about the gauge and accessories you will need. It is divided clearly into several sections focusing on each part of the construction: Cuff, Leg, Heel, Heel Flap, Gusset, Foot, and Toe.

The hole in the toe is closed or grafted together using the kitchener graft stitch. The kitchener grafting technique presented in the pattern is not as well written as another one that I have come across. If you are new to this technique, I highly recommend learning it from TECHknitter at http://techknitting.blogspot.sg/2007/05/easier-way-to-kitchener-stitch-also.html.

The yarn used in this pattern is Red Heart Baby Econo. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued by Red Heart. For suggested substitutes, look for worsted weight, 3 or more plies, 100% acrylic yarn. I think Red Heart Baby Soft Steps is a possibility.

This pattern is available at http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/happy-toes-baby-socks

Just your basic baby sock

Just Your Basic Baby Sock
Image source: p2design.com

Designed by Patti Pierce Stone. The pattern is free but it is for charity or personal use only. Neither the pattern nor the socks made from it, are to be sold. Sizes from preemies to toddlers. The instructions include both toe-up and top-down.

Toe-up instructions include sections on the short row heel, heel turning, leg and finishing for the cuff. Cuff down instructions include sections on dividing instep and heel, heel flap, gusset, gusset decrease, foot shaping and closing.

You will use a little bit of short rows and kitchener grafting.

This pdf pattern is available at http://www.p2designs.com/pdfs/BasicBabySox.pdf

Little Baby Knee Socks

Image source: SweaterGirls Knit at Ravelry

Designed by Ramona of SweaterGirls Knit. It features a long cuff that reaches and covers the knees.

The knee “caps” are accentuated by garter stitch which is also thicker and great for babies learning to crawl. The back of the leg is made up of stretchy ribbing.

This sock is knitted from the knee down and the toes are closed using kitchener grafting.

The free pattern is available at https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/little-baby-knee-socks

Tuula Maaria’s Baby Socks that Stay On

As mentioned, many baby socks tend to come off. A longer leg may help but can sometime ride down and bunch up at the ankle.

This pattern has a structure that allows them to stay on tightly. It consists of alternating bands of 2×2 ribbing, purling, stockinette stitches. Knitted in the round.

The knitting video below shows the step-by-step instructions with sizes for newborn to 3 months.

I hope you like this baby socks list. Do check out my knitted baby mittens list too.

Happy Knitting, Phoebe

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