3 Knitting Patterns for Baby Clothes Free on the Internet

Cristina Blu Jeans

List of knitting patterns for baby clothes free on the Internet.

Find a pattern for a pair of cute blue jeans, dipper pants, and a colourful pinafore.  

1. Cristina’s Blu Jeans

knitting patterns for baby clothes
Image source: Cristina at knitty.com

The Blu Jeans is knitted up in 2 mirror-image pieces, one for each leg and then joined in the center. Take time to follow the embellishment ideas to give it a realistic look.

Any child will get a lot of attention wearing this. Hmm, is there an adult version?

Pattern: Cristina’s blu jeans

2. Bernat Little Dipper Pants

Bernat Little Dipper Pants
Image source: http://www.yarnspirations.com

The Little Dipper pant is a cute pant with an elastic waistband and long ribbing at the cuff. Sizes from 6 months to 2 years old.

Pattern: The little dipper pants

3. Kate’s Anouk Pinafore

anouk pinafore
Image source: Kate Gilbert at knitty.com

I like the idea that Anouk grows with the child. 🙂 It starts out as a pinafore and gradually become a tunic. The pinafore is knitted in 2 pieces and attached with side tabs that can be adjusted as the child grows.

Pattern: Anouk pinafore

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Happy Knitting, Phoebe

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