Lemon Juice + Jesus

The morning light streamed in from the window. I opened my eyes, rolled over and stared at the ceiling. The week has not gone well. Work has been difficult. I am not looking forward to the work day.

I whispered a complaint to the Lord, “I’m not happy, why are things so difficult this week?

I can sense the Lord’s gentle smile and this question popped into my head, “what comes out of you when you are squeezed?”

I am definitely feeling sour and bitter. So, when I’m squeezed, I am oozing bitterness and sourness. But I am no ordinary person. I am a child of the Lord. I have the Holy Spirit with me. I shouldn’t be acting as if I do not have the greatest power living with me.

If I am a lemon, when I am squeezed, I want sweet lemonade, not sour lemon juice.

I shared this thought with Mark and he said that if I am a lemon, then lemon juice is the natural result.

On my own, I could never produce lemonade, only lemon juice. But I have Jesus and He is the sugar factor. He can turn my lemon juice into lemonade.

As if by magic, my outlook on my situation changes for the better. I’m positive reality will follow soon.

Lemon Juice + Jesus = Lemonade