Librarians & altmetrics : tools, tips and use cases

Librarians & altmetrics : tools, tips and use cases is a webinar hosted by Library Connect. My first webinar with Library Connect.

librarians and altmetrics

The 3 presenters cover the following 3 topics:

1) What are altmetrics
2) Why it is relevant to a librarian
3) Research impact beyond counting

Here’s the webinar

Here’s my learning points

1) Various providers of altmetrics.

I’ve heard of but not the others. Knowing more alternative providers allow librarians like me to think about which can be more appropriate and meaningful.

  • – focus on re-use
  • plum analytics
  • PLOS – one of the first to utilise altmetrics

2) “Altmetrics can bring a paper back to life”

I like this statement. Brings hope. The presenter also mentioned that an institutional repository can decide to integrate altmetrics at the public level, administrative staff and author level, or at the repository manager level. The roles of altmetrics at each level is different. Choice is dictated by strategic goals.

3) Watch out for I like the idea of tweetable abstracts but it would be a great challenge.

4) One of the presenters suggest using ORCID with Got to check that out.

5) We need to measure what matters, not what is countable. Consider specific pathways to uncover meaningful impacts. For example, advancement of knowledge, clinical implementation, legislation and policy enactment, economic benefit and community benefit.

6) Research Networking software. E.g. VIVO, PROFILES and Scival experts – not quite sure how this type of software help to evaluate research impact beyond counting though.

A good set of questions and answers at the end too.