On Forgetfulness

On Forgetfulness. I left my mailbox keys in the mailbox. Fortunately, a neighbour saw it and returned it to me. I didn’t even realise that I have left it hanging there. I am known to be forgetful; losing my keys, wallet, cards and more. This reminds me of my secondary school teacher. She once told me (after I forgot to bring my textbook to class) that it is worse to forget than to intentionally not bring the textbook. I didn’t understand what she meant at the time. I thought she was being difficult. How can an unintentional act be worse Continue Reading

Lose fat not weight!

Lose fat not weight. That is what has been on my mind lately. Why? I’ll tell you. I know that I have been putting on weight since I started work at the university. My favourite pants and skirts are getting tight. Tops are getting too snug for comfort. Am I too happy at work or too stressed? That’s another story, another time perhaps. But when I weigh myself, the weighing machine tells me that I’m within the normal weight range. This is reassuring as I am not the exercise type. I know, intellectually, that it is good to be more Continue Reading

Third Grade Chinese 小学三年级

我经常和朋友说我的中文写作能力只有小学三年级的程度。意思浅浅。华文不好。 四月间为了访问武汉大学图书馆,花了近一个月的时间把几十张英文的幻灯片翻成华文。差点要了我的命。一个老友有一天不经意的说我写的中文字还是那么丑。我觉得还不错,经他一说,不禁有点泄气。 写是不行了。不过读,说和听还可以吧。 前天晚上还念了几首唐诗给姐姐听呢。还记得那是中学一年级的时候学的。当时不懂老师的心意还以为在刁难我们。 现在为了还能背几首唐诗而沾沾自喜。虽然受的是英文教育,现在工作也以英文为主,但还是比较喜欢读中文报,比较喜欢听华语歌。 毕竟是华人吧。 毕竟是母语吧。 I always tell my friends that my Chinese is third grade Chinese. In short, not good. For my exchange to Wu Han University in April, I spent nearly a month translating my slides from English to Mandarin. It was tough. A secondary school friend commented that my Chinese handwriting is still ugly. I was quite disappointed because I thought it was quite good. Well, maybe I can’t write. But I can still read, speak and understand Mandarin. Just the other night, I recited a few Tang poems from memory. I still remember learning Continue Reading

Obesity Worries Lift Health Food Prospects In Asia

Reuters filed this story “Obesity worries lift health food prospects in Asia” on Wed Jul 8, 2009. It reported that the prospects of the health food business is picking up in Asia due to a rise in affluence and economic success and that “affluence and sedentary lifestyles have brought health problems such as obesity and diabetes to Asia” It contained a quote from a Ms Anderson of Asia food and drink head for the London-based market forecasting firm Business Monitor: “It [packaged health food] hasn’t caught on as quickly in the developing world. People traditionally have healthier diets anyway. The Continue Reading