Lyrics for Covenant

This is the lyrics for Covenant.

Listen to this song when partaking the Holy Communion. Jesus’ body, like the bread, was broken to rescue me from the curse. Jesus’ blood, like the cup, was poured to secure my salvation.

Surely You were broken
So that I may be whole
Surely You were beaten
So that grace may unfold
As I look at the cross
I remember You
How my healing was bought
At the price of Your wounds

Surely You were wounded
Previous blood was spilled
Surely You were forsaken
For my sake You endured
Tears from heaven fell
As You were whipped and scourged
My forgiveness was sealed
By this covenant in blood

I thank You Lord, I thank You Lord
You are the Lamb of God
Who takes away my sin
No longer I but You live in me
As You are so am I in this world

As I eat of Your body
I remember You
As I drink of Your blood
I see my life renewed

words & music by Karen Lim
Copyright 2008 New Creation Church

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