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Lyrics for Home in English and Mandarin and a compilation of the various covers and performances of the song over the years from 1998 to 2020.

Lyrics for home
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I grew up having to sing “nationalistic” songs throughout my schooling days in Singapore. Songs like Stand up for Singapore… Count on me Singapore… Oh my God, hair-raising songs. I wonder how I survive without major brain damage.

My point is, I became pretty jaded when it comes to patriotic songs when I am older.

家 (jia) or Home is an exception. It was written by the very talented Dick Lee in 1998. He wrote the song and penned the English lyrics. The Chinese lyrics were penned by 木子 (李茀民). Both of them receive no royalty for the song even though it is one of the most popular songs in Singapore.

It was picked as the National Day theme song for 1998 and 2004. It is a wonderful song celebrating the home as a source of strength and hope that an individual in a very big world can run back to.

Lyrics for Home In Mandarin

Click to play the song and follow along with the lyrics below it. It is very good for the soul.


(Chorus 副歌:)
我的家 收藏
我的家 给我
我的梦 不论在何方


(Repeat Chorus x2 重复副歌 x2)

一生的爱 唯有家

Lyrics for Home in English

Whenever I am feeling low,
I look around me and I know.
There's a place that will stay within me,
wherever I may choose to go.
I will always recall the city,
know every street and shore.
Sail down the river that brings us life,
winding through my Singapore...

This is home truly,
where I know I must be.
Where my dreams wait for me,
where the river always flows.
This is home surely,
as my senses tell me.
This is where I won't be alone.
For this is where I know it's home.

Whenever there are troubles to go through,
we'll find a way to start anew.
There is comfort in the knowledge and home about its people too.
So we'll build our dreams together,
just like we've done before.
Just like the river that brings us life,
there will always be Singapore..

(Repeat chorus)

For this is where, I know I'm home...

2004 Young Voices National Day Version

2010 National Day Parade Version

2011 Extended Version featuring 39 artistes

2014 The Sam Willows Cover

2015 Version by Kit Chan at the National Day Rally

2016 Acappella Cover by My Apex Project

2020 Singapore Virtual Choir

2020 April Sing Together Singapore

“Whenever I am feeling low, I listen to this song and feel better”

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