Lyrics for I Sing Hosanna

Northern lights

Lyrics for I Sing Hosanna.

Hosanna is a word that seems to want to leap out of my mouth with a shout. Lift up my head and shout out Father God’s salvation.

I choose to look to You, my Lord
You rescued me, lifted me up
When I am weak then I am strong
I cast my cares on You alone

I sing hosanna, I sing hosanna
Your selfless love reversed my shame
I sing hosanna, I sing hosanna
Salvation’s gift is mine to claim

With joy I hope in You, my King
Redemption’s song is mine to sing
Your precious blood
Has made me clean
Now righteousness is my life’s theme

I run to You, my hiding place
There I can rest upon Your grace
In quietness my strength is found
Your tender mercy is my crown

Words & music by Karen Lim. Copyright 2010 New Creation Church, Singapore

Northern Lights