Lyrics for Lavish

The word lavish conjures up ideas of indulgence, overflowing, abundance. An apt way to describe God’s love for us. And when we are filled to overflowing with the love of God, we can’t help but tell the world of His great love and grace.

As the lyrics for Lavish says, “God’s love is like sweet perfume washes over me. When I run to Him, He comforts me and is my haven from the storm.

You lavish me with love
As I wait at Your feet
Your love like sweet perfume
It washes over me

You comfort me with words
When to You I run
You hold me in Your arms
My haven from the storm

I can’t help but tell the world of Your great grace
How You came to love
Crucified, You save

I speak of Your great love for me
I glorify You, majesty
Your love will never ever change

I see Your open hands of grace
Nailed to the cross for me in grace
Your love, You lavish on me
Your love, You lavish on me

Words & music by Karen Lim. Copyright 2007 New Creation Church Singapore

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